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“Seldom do I become so excited with a piece of golf equipment as with Sun Mountain’s ClubGlider four-wheeled travel golf bag carrier. Unlike other golf inventions, which may promise to shave a stroke or two off your game, the ClubGlider actually improves your life. I often travel by air and have lugged my golf bag to all points in the US and many abroad. While I love playing new courses, I dread struggling with transporting my golf clubs on long walks in and around airports. No matter how lightly I pack my golf travel bag, the strain on my forearm, shoulders, and back in bending over, lifting, and dragging my bag and all begins to take its toll long before I even arrive at my destination or hit a shot. No more, my days of drudgery are over with Sun Mountain’s ClubGlider to the rescue.

My golf travel equipment has evolved from the canvas bag to the heavy, but durable plastic carry cases such as SKB makes and then gravitated to the lighter, heavy-duty fabric wheeled ones that Club Glove makes. All have served me well, but my ClubGlider is worlds ahead of the competition!”

Sun Mountain ClubGlider golf travel bag

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The Next Evolution in Golf Travel Bags is Here

The next evolution in golf travel bags, ClubGlider is the only golf travel bag with extendable legs that support 100% of the weight.

This leg allows the ClubGlider to be loaded from a standing position, eliminating the need to bend all the way over as with other golf travel bags. Fully loaded, ClubGlider’s legs support 100% of the weight, eliminating on average over 45 pounds of pressure from your shoulders and back. Thanks to the maneuverability of ClubGlider’s pivoting wheels, walking around is effortless. With the ClubGlider golf travel bag, the repeated bending and lifting while waiting in line is a thing of the past. And the wheels retract in one easy motion for secure travel.

ClubGlider includes heavy-duty two-way zippers, thick foam padding extending down the travel bag to protect clubheads and shafts, internal cinch straps, storage pockets, reinforced wear areas, and a lift-assist handle.

And, we’re not the only ones that think it’s great; ClubGlider was awarded Hot List Gold by Golf Digest magazine.

ClubGlider is available in several models offering protection for golfers ranging from weekend warriors to touring professionals.

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