Golf Getaways Magazine Features Sun Mountain

golfgThe March 2014 issue of Golf Getaways Magazine includes a story titled,
“9 Things Worthy of Consideration”.

Sun Mountain is proud to have three products featured in this article: our new Combo golf cart and golf bag in one, our perennially favorite Three 5 lightweight golf stand bag, and our Cumulus lightweight golf rain jacket.

The article reads: [Read more…]

ESPN Suggests Sun Mountain Waterproof Golf Bag as Golf Gift Idea

In a recent article about golf gift ideas, ESPN writer Michael Collins suggests the Sun Mountain H2NO Lite waterproof golf bag.

He had this to say:

A waterproof golf bag? As a former pro caddie, this is something I can really appreciate. The bag weighs only 4.5 pounds and when the rain hood is used, everything inside stays dry. Even the zippers are waterproof!

As long as there isn’t lightning, your clubs are ready for action. If the golfer in your life walks more rounds than they ride, this is the bag that will give you hero status.

sms_espn gift guide_12-2013

 Hero status?! Who wouldn’t enjoy that?

H2NO Lite is one of four new bags in the Sun Mountain line of waterproof golf bags. The full line includes three waterproof golf carry bags and one waterproof golf cart bag.

To see the full line and to find a retailer, visit

Golf Digest 2013 Hot List Includes Three Sun Mountain Bags

The 2013 Golf Digest Golf Bag Hot List is in the July issue and includes three Sun Mountain golf bags: H2NO Lite and Three 5 golf carry bags, and the C-130 golf cart bag.

The Hot List judges said, “We tested 71 models before finding 22 that set the standard.”

Of those 22 bags, only eight received Gold awards to include two from Sun Mountain – the C-130 and the H2NO Lite.

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About the C-130 golf cart bag, the editors’ said, “This bag features a cart-strap tunnel that allows unrestricted access to all nine pockets. It also has three handles attached to the 14-way top, two apparel pockets and a cooler pocket.” C-130 retails for $215. [Read more…]

Golfweek Interviews Sun Mountain Owner Rick Reimers

The March 15 issue of Golfweek Magazine includes an equipment focus on golf stand bags (Bags under 4 pounds: Light and functional) with an “Ask the Expert” interview with Sun Mountain Founder and Owner, Rick Reimers.

Q&A includes:

What should golfers know about stand-bag construction?

The best material is some sort of nylon. The cheaper bags may be made of polyester, but it’s not as durable in the long term. There are some pretty good vinyl’s we’ve experimented with, but they tend to be a heavier material and are better suited for cart bags, where weight is not as important.

What is the ideal weight for a bag that is carried by a golfer?

The goal would be around 2-1/2 pound, but it’s hard to get a bag all the way down there and still be durable enough. In my opinion, the best mix of features, durability and weight is about 3-1/2 pounds.

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Sun Mountain Golf Travel Bag in Forbes

In a recent Forbes story contributor Larry Olmsted included the Sun Mountain ClubGlider golf travel bag on a gift list saying,

“…….I have covered (golf) very regularly as a journalist for over 15 years. Frankly there is a lot of hype, crap and gimmicks in the golf marketplace, so I’ve sorted through that for you and there is something for everyone here at every price point….”

Included on Olmstead’s list is the Sun Mountain ClubGlider golf travel bag. About this award-winning golf travel bag, Olmsted wrote: [Read more…]

Sun Mountain ClubGlider® Wins Hot List Gold

Sun Mountain is proud to announce that its ClubGlider Meridian golf travel bag was awarded Hot List Gold by the editors of Golf Digest magazine. The next evolution in golf travel bags, ClubGlider is the only golf travel bag that offers extendable legs and wheels to support 100% of the weight, while eliminating the repeated bending and lifting required with traditional travel bags.

ClubGlider is available in three different models-Pro, Meridian, and the Journey-offering protection for golfers ranging from weekend warriors to touring professionals. This story from the September issue of Golf Digest magazine is on newsstands now. All three models of ClubGlider are in golf shops with retail prices of $319, $299, and $209, respectively. [Read more…]

Golf Digest Hot List Includes Three Sun Mountain Bags

The 2012 Golf Digest Golf Bag Hot List is in the June issue and includes three Sun Mountain golf bags — the KG:2 and Three 5 golf carry bags, and the C-130 golf cart bag.

The Hot List judges said, “We tested 65 bags and found 20 favorites that can lighten your load.”

KG:2 is a new for 2012 golf stand bag built on the same frame as the ever-popular Superlight 3.5 while offering more pockets, more hand-holds and more style. KG:2 features a 9.5” oval, four-way top with full-length club dividers, three integrated top handles and a new lift-assist pocket handle, a cart-friendly bottom, and eight pockets.

The editors say about the C-130 golf cart bag, “Features include a 15-way divided top, nine forward-facing pockets and a lined pouch for a distance-measuring device. A slot lets the cart strap pass through the pockets without restricting access.”

The 2012 Three 5 is a lightweight golf carry bag that uses the X-Strap® Dual Strap System and Sun Mountain’s state-of-the-art roller bottom leg mechanism. Three 5 offers several cart-friendly features to include a cart strap tunnel, leg lock system and cart-friendly bottom.

All three of these golf bags are available now, explore all Sun Mountain Golf Bags.

Or use our Retail Locator to find a shop near you.

Sun Mountain Golf Bag

Customize My Cart Contest

Over the years, it has come to our attention that some owners of our golf push carts make certain modifications to customize their carts to their specific needs.

One such ‘customizer’ is David Owen, a staff writer for The New Yorker, a contributing editor at Golf Digest and the owner of the blog “My Usual Game’. David recently posted a blog entitled “Pimp My Ride”. Here’s an excerpt:

Most of my modifications, though, have been improvements to the original design. For example, the Micro-Cart has a useful plastic-lidded waterproof storage compartment near the handle. However, the lid wouldn’t close over my Bushnell PinSeeker 1500 laser rangefinder, which is somewhat bulky. (The lid is angled, and the narrow end hit the fat bottom of the rangefinder.) My solution was to use some of my son’s old Lego bricks to create a shim, which lifts the rangefinder into the deeper part of the compartment. I also used Lego bricks (and epoxy glue) to create a rim at the edge of the smaller, upper compartment, where I like to keep pencils. The Lego rim keeps pencils from sneaking into the lower compartment and hiding behind my rangefinder.

So, what’s your story? How have you customized your cart to meet your needs? How have you ‘rigged’ your cart to fix a mishap with a no-hands run down a hill and into a tree?……

Facebook Contest: Click on the ‘Contest’ box at the top of the Sun Mountain Facebook page and post the story and photos of how and why you have ‘Customized My Cart’. Share with your friends so they can read you story and post their own.

All entrants will receive a Sun Mountain waterproof cap. One entrant judged to have the best story will get choice of a new cart, and new bag or a new Sun Mountain rainsuit.

Torrent Makes Golf Digest Hot List

The January 2012 issue of Golf Digest includes the annual Rainsuit Hot List.

The opening paragraph states, “The best rainsuits protect you without restricting your swing. After testing 29 of them, we found 15 that’ll keep you dry and happy on the golf course.” View the entire Golf Digest Hot List Article

We’re proud that our Torrent LT golf rain wear made the cut! To review all of Sun Mountian’s golf outerwear visit out Golf Outerwear page.

Four Qualify for Sun Mountain Skills Challenge

Congratulations to LPGA Futures Tour players Amy Eneroth, Ashley Prange, Brittany Johnston, and Benedikte Grotvedt for advancing to the finals of the Sun Mountain Skills Challenge.

LPGA Futures Tour players who wear Sun Mountain golf outerwear or carry a Sun Mountain golf bag make up the initial field of skills challenge competitors.  These players then compete, “Big Break-style”, to narrow the field to the final four.

This year 20 players began the Sun Mountain Skills Challenge by executing a 75-yard shot, a chip shot, a bunker shot and an over-the-wall shot.  These events narrowed the field to 10, who then had a putting contest to narrow the field to four.

The Final-4 Skills Summit will be held during the week of the Vidalia Championship August 26 – 28, with the winner of the Sun Mountain Skills Summit earning $1000.

Sun Mountain Skills Challenge

Lean More at the LPGA Futures Tour Website