Combo Cart

gocartIn 1999 Sun Mountain was at the forefront of the golf push cart revolution with the introduction of Speed Cart. Speed Cart was the first push cart on the market that folded down with no assembly (or disassembly) required and was lightweight and small enough to be transported to and fro the course with ease.

In 2009, Sun Mountain brought additional innovation to the walking cart market with the first four-wheeled golf push cart. Micro-Cart folds 25% smaller and weighs 20% less while still carrying golf bags from the smallest stand bags to the largest cart bags.

For 2013, Sun Mountain is once again introducing a ground-breaking golf walking cart with the golf bag and cart in one – Combo cart. Combo will offer the club and accessory space of a cart bag and the ease and ergonomic benefits of a push cart all in one package. Combo will weigh 18 lbs. and fold down to about the same size as our C-130 cart bag.

Given the integrated nature of the bag and cart, Combo will offer an unheralded degree of stability and will actually weigh less than the combined weight of a cart bag and push cart.

The plan is for a summer 2013 introduction at a retail price of $399.

Look for more news on date of availability as we get closer to summer.

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Combo Cart


  1. Jim Nelson says

    As someone that walks the course as a preference, this looks like a great idea well past it’s time. The fold-down seat…great!

    • Steve says

      thanks for your interest. no ‘hard’ date at this point. we’re still fine-tuning it. ^ss

  2. Tirso says

    Can I say …WoW !

    I would love to see some more pictures of this wonderfull invention.
    When I first saw the Clicgear 3.0 Charcoal Orange I fell in love, now I think I could have an affair : )

    Actually I am still on the look out for a bag to perfectly match the Clicgear (now thinking of Tour Series Cart Trolley Golf Bag 2014) but now I think I could wait…

    Any further information on release and availability in Europe would be great.

    Thanks !


  3. Michael says

    Hi – are there any travel bags that will hold the combo cart as an airline check on? It would be real nice to have a product such as this to allow for one check on instead of two!

    Thanks much!