KG-3 Cart Bag Gets Rave Review

Sun Mountain Golf Cart Bag Gets Rave Reviews

The new for 2012 KG:3 golf cart bag is the subject of a nice review by golf equipment review website,

The reviewer states:

“….One overlooked feature that I think is equally important is a well designed strapping system for securing the bag to the cart. Specifically, when you strap your bag on a cart you not only want it to be tightly attached but also maintain accessibly to the pockets. This is where the Sun Mountain KG3 shines. You will notice that the bag has a slot on either side where the cart strap goes through.”

The new for 2012 KG:3 golf cart bag is light in weight (weighing only 6.5 lbs) but heavy in features offering individual club protection, multiple lift assist handles and pockets specific to the needs of the 21st century golfer.

The KG:3 cart bag includes a 10.5”, 15-way divided top offering full-length club protection and a separate putter well for easy access. The top of the KG:3 also includes Sun Mountain’s patent-pending three handle-holds offering convenient spots to grab with both hands when lifting the bag onto a cart. An additional hand-hold incorporated into the base of the bag offers an easy place to hold when lifting the bag in and out of a car trunk.

Graphics on the KG:3 are noticeably modern, in keeping with the new-from-the-ground-up design philosophy used on this bag. Color combinations for 2012 include: black/white/lime, black/yam/gunmetal, navy/blue/yellow, blue/titanium/lava, and black

KG:3 retail price of $229. For the retailer nearest you, call 800-227-9224 or visit