Sun Mountain Speed Cart

Speed Cart lets you enjoy walking the course without shouldering your own clubs.

At first glance, the SV1 looks similar to past speed carts, but further inspection reveals several upgrades. The totally redesigned console for the SV1 is divided into three separate sections that allow you to separate and divide various electronic devices and accessories. The new console also conceals a slide-out tray for scorecard and pencil. Additionally, the drink holder has been moved and is now a stand-alone on the side of the handle to allow it more freedom to swivel. SV1 also comes standard with a cargo net that offers a convenient place to hold head covers or a jacket.

Additional improvements on the SV1 include the new E-Z Latch System to allow easier folding, unfolding and handle height adjustment; solid foam tires with anodized wheels to match the frame; and a new pin brake system to more securely lock the wheels in place.

Other standard accessories on the SV1 include an umbrella holder on the frame for closed umbrella storage and on the cart’s handle for an open umbrella.

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  1. Joe Stark says

    I need a new connection for the battery operated Speed Cart. The black and red plastic connector broke. How do I order a new part?

  2. Judi Gormley says

    I have a Sun Mountain pull golf cart and I need to locate a cup holder to purchase. I had
    one that came with the cart, but it didn’t attach securely and swung back and forth and I couldnt
    put anything in it. Is there one that I could securely attached to the frame.

    Thanks for your help.

    Judi Gormley

  3. Gerald B. Begue says

    Hello; my wife and i each have a Sun Mountain cart and really have enjoyed using them. We like the light weight, easy folding and the big tires for wet days.

    Our problem is the door that flips up on the handle has broken loose from the frame. We have not been rough with it and take good care of our carts. I cannot believe how poorly made the hinge on the door is made. All it is, is a thin sheet of flexible plastic and cannot last long. I am waiting for the one on my cart to break soon.

    On my cart, the small plastic wedge that snaps the door close has broken off, so now it will not stay closed when putting in the back of our SUV.
    Other than that, both carts look like new.

    Will you take care of this problem?

    Regards, Gerald “Jerry” Begue’
    35453 Home Estate Dr.
    Slidell, La. 70460