Sun Mountain Offering Three Models of Top Selling C-130 Cart Bag

For 2015, Sun Mountain is expanding its collection of top-selling C-130 golf cart bags to include three different models: a stand bag, a version with a 7-way divided top, and a 14-way divided top.

The C-130S stand bag is for cart-golfers who like to carry their bag to the practice range and enjoy the convenience of the stand. The C-130 7-way with a seven-way divided top is for those who don’t care for the individual club dividers, and the C-130 14-way is the traditional version of the C-130 for golfers who prefer the individual, club-divided top.

All versions of the C-130 are designed to work optimally on a riding cart. Features in common across all C-130 models include the reverse-orientation top and the three utility handles integrated into the top that offer multiple hand-holds for picking the bag up. Each model also has a cart-strap tunnel which allows the cart strap to pass through the bag and not block access to any of the bag’s pockets or crush any of the pockets’ contents.

One of the hallmarks of the C-130 is pocket space. All models of the C-130 feature nine pockets: two full-length clothing pockets, two velour-lined valuables pockets (including one sized for a rangefinder), a beverage pocket, and several additional pockets for balls and tees and other accessories. C-130 7-way and 14-way also offer an integrated putter well.

Sun Mountain is proud to acknowledge that 2014 marked the seventh consecutive year that the C-130 has been an award winner on Golf Digest magazine’s Hot List. The C-130 14-way received a Gold award.

Sun Mountain C-130 14-way golf cart bag Sun Mountain C-130S golf stand bag Sun Mountain C-130 7-way golf cart bag

Best Golf Inventions

A recent GolfWRX story listed the top 15 golf inventions.

The writer’s list (in no particular order) follows:

The Molded Golf Ball
The Tee
The Lawn Mower
Steel Shafts
The Stymie
The 14-Club Rule
Golf Carts
The Lob Wedge
Perimeter Weighting
Investment Casting
Metal Woods
Oversized Drivers
Graphite Shafts
We respectfully add some Sun Mountain inventions to this list:

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Best Products from the PGA Show

Sun Mountain is honored that the new Two 5 (extremely) lightweight golf stand bag was chosen as an ‘Editors’ Pick from the PGA Show’ by Golf Digest magazine.

The article said:

Sun Mountain is always innovating, and this year, they’re debuting their lightest-ever golf bag. The Two 5, as its name suggests, weighs just 2.5 pounds. It’s made with lightweight nylon fabrics, a minimal (yet still effective) strap system, and filament-wound fiberglass legs that are lighter than aluminum. The bag has four zippered pockets, a beverage pouch and a four-way, 9.5-inch top. (Available on July 1, in four colors.) $184.

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Sun Mountain’s Zero-G Adds a Hip Belt

Three 5 Zero-G is a golf bag with a hip belt – combining Sun Mountain’s best-selling stand bag with zero-gravity technology.


The Three 5 Zero-G golf bag feels nearly weightless thanks to the unique hip belt that transfers the majority of the weight from the shoulders to the hips resulting in a more upright posture and reduced upper body fatigue. [Read more…]

C-130 is Sun Mountain’s Best Selling Cart Bag

The Sun Mountain C-130 continues as the company’s top-selling golf cart bag.

C-130 is designed to work optimally on a riding cart. All pockets and zippers are accessible when the bag is on a cart and the reverse oriented top positions the short irons in front and the driver and woods in the back so you don’t need to reach over a driver to get to a wedge. [Read more…]

Sun Mountain Golf Bag for Push Carts

Sun Mountain’s Sync golf bag makes it easier than ever for your golf gear to work in harmony. Sync is engineered specifically to fit on all SunMountain push carts, the top and bottom nest nicely in the cart’s bag brackets and a bottom is molded precisely to fit over the carts’ lower bag rest.

The exacting fit of the Sync stabilizes the bag on the cart by minimizing side-to-side movement. Sync features a 10”, 14-way top with individual, full length club dividers plus a separate putter well. Sync’s 9 pockets, all forward-facing so they are easily accessible when the bag is on the cart, include two full-length clothing pockets, a beverage pocket and a velour-lined valuables pocket.

Sync works equally well on the three-wheeled Speed Cart V1 and SV1, as well as on the four-wheeled Micro-Cart. Sync also works well on golf riding carts.

Sync features Sun Mountain’s proprietary top with three built-in handles that provide a convenient spot to grab when picking the bag up, as well as a lift-assist panel built  into the spine pocket to help when lifting it in or out of your car trunk.

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Golf Datatech Reports Sun Mountain as Best Selling Golf Bag

Best Golf BagsThe recently released Golf Datatech 2012 retail market share report shows Sun Mountain is the best selling golf bag. This marks the third consecutive year that Sun Mountain has been the best selling golf bag in the industry. The report includes sales in carry bags and cart bags, at on-course and off-course golf specialty shops.

Ed Kowachek, President of Sun Mountain said, “We appreciate that golf shop owners and consumers continue to recognize our efforts in the design and quality of our golf bags and helped push Sun Mountain to be the best in the category. Good news within the numbers includes the balance we have achieved between sales at on- and off-course golf specialty stores and between cart bags and carry bags. We are not overly reliant on any one channel of distribution or any one type of golf bag, which is a very strong position for us.” [Read more…]

Golf Digest Hot List Includes Three Sun Mountain Bags

The 2012 Golf Digest Golf Bag Hot List is in the June issue and includes three Sun Mountain golf bags — the KG:2 and Three 5 golf carry bags, and the C-130 golf cart bag.

The Hot List judges said, “We tested 65 bags and found 20 favorites that can lighten your load.”

KG:2 is a new for 2012 golf stand bag built on the same frame as the ever-popular Superlight 3.5 while offering more pockets, more hand-holds and more style. KG:2 features a 9.5” oval, four-way top with full-length club dividers, three integrated top handles and a new lift-assist pocket handle, a cart-friendly bottom, and eight pockets.

The editors say about the C-130 golf cart bag, “Features include a 15-way divided top, nine forward-facing pockets and a lined pouch for a distance-measuring device. A slot lets the cart strap pass through the pockets without restricting access.”

The 2012 Three 5 is a lightweight golf carry bag that uses the X-Strap® Dual Strap System and Sun Mountain’s state-of-the-art roller bottom leg mechanism. Three 5 offers several cart-friendly features to include a cart strap tunnel, leg lock system and cart-friendly bottom.

All three of these golf bags are available now, explore all Sun Mountain Golf Bags.

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Sun Mountain Golf Bag

Golf Magazine, Best of Everyting

golf-magazineWe are proud to let you all know that the October issue of Golf Magazine, dubbed “The No. 1 Issue – The Best of Everything in Golf”, includes the Sun Mountain ClubGlider golf travel bag in a section titled – “Top 2 Cool Under-The-Radar Products” with a write up that says:

“…… features legs with wheels that keep the handle at waist height while rolling, means no more dropping your bag on hard airport floors, thereby dinging your clubs.”

ClubGlider is available in a Pro model for those who travel around with a staff bag for a living and in Meridian and Cascade models for the rest of us.

Retail prices range from $229 – $299.

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Golf Magazine Selects Sun Mountain Swift ZG

Golf Magazine selects Sun Mountain Swift ZG as one of the Best Golf Bags of 2011

In the September 2011 issue of Golf Magazine, Jessica Marksbury writes that today’s golf carry bags encourage efficiency and organization – some even claim to help you play better.

Specifically about the Sun Mountain Swift ZG, Jessica writes:

The Swift ZG combines the best of Sun Mountain’s popular Zero-G and Swift X models. Wrapping the cleverly designed belt around your waist transfers the majority of carrying weight to your hips (much like a hiking backpack). The result is improved posture, less upper-body fatigue and reduced twisting and bouncing — a true walker’s delight.

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves!

The 2011 Sun Mountain Swift ZG Golf Bag is available in White/Royal/Black, White/Red/Black and Black with a full-suggested retail of $199. Explore all the Sun Mountain Golf Bags

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