Golf Bags for Women

Sun Mountain golf bags for women include golf carry bags and golf cart bags. The carry bags include the Three 5 with a four-way divided top as well as the Four 5 with a 14-way top. As with all Sun Mountain golf bags, these club dividers run the full length from the top of the bag to the bottom.

In women’s golf cart bags, Sun Mountain offers bags designed for motorized golf carts and for golf walking carts. For riding carts, Sun Mountain women’s golf bags include the Diva and the S-One. For use of golf push carts or golf pull carts, Sun Mountain offers the Sync women’s golf cart bag. [Read more…]

C-130 Cart Bag Remains #1

C-130 is Best Golf Cart Bag

Sun Mountain’s C-130 golf bag remains the company’s best-selling golf cart bag as it enters its seventh year in production. Every year the designers at Sun Mountain have made improvements and modifications but the foundation of the bag has remained constant: individual club-divided, reverse-oriented top; enough pocket space to live up to its cargo-plane referencing name; all pockets accessible even when the bag is on a cart; and light enough that it can be easily carried from car to cart. [Read more…]