Combo Cart offers Golf Push Cart and Bag in One

Sun Mountain continues to innovate the golf bag and push cart markets with the introduction of the new Combo cart. Combo is a golf push cart and golf bag in one; offering convenience, stability, and durability. Combo folds for storage and opens easily for use. Combo is slated to be in golf shops Summer 2014 with a retail price of $469. For the retailer nearest you, call 800-227-9224 or visit [Read more…]

History of the Modern Golf Bag

Golf HistoryLegend has it that during the 1421 battle of Baugé, French wartime allies introduced a Scottish regiment to “chole,” a 1300s forerunner of golf. Historians say that players used wooden sticks to hit leather balls along the ground towards a goal. Scottish soldiers brought chole back to Scotland in 1421, but the game was immediately banned because it distracted Scotland’s military from training. Eventually, peace with England arrived in 1502; James IV signed the Treaty of Glasgow, and the game of golf would become a recognized sport.

In those early days, players would typically carry their different clubs or simply bind them together with some sort of cord.

In the 1900s a modern golf ball was invented as well as the first club-carrying golf bag. The original bags were of the size and shape of our modern Sunday bags. These original golf bags were constructed from canvas with metal ends to offer protection and shape, and had a small 4” opening at the top. [Read more…]

Sun Mountain ClubGlider® Wins Hot List Gold

Sun Mountain is proud to announce that its ClubGlider Meridian golf travel bag was awarded Hot List Gold by the editors of Golf Digest magazine. The next evolution in golf travel bags, ClubGlider is the only golf travel bag that offers extendable legs and wheels to support 100% of the weight, while eliminating the repeated bending and lifting required with traditional travel bags.

ClubGlider is available in three different models-Pro, Meridian, and the Journey-offering protection for golfers ranging from weekend warriors to touring professionals. This story from the September issue of Golf Digest magazine is on newsstands now. All three models of ClubGlider are in golf shops with retail prices of $319, $299, and $209, respectively. [Read more…]