Golfweek Interviews Sun Mountain Owner Rick Reimers

The March 15 issue of Golfweek Magazine includes an equipment focus on golf stand bags (Bags under 4 pounds: Light and functional) with an “Ask the Expert” interview with Sun Mountain Founder and Owner, Rick Reimers.

Q&A includes:

What should golfers know about stand-bag construction?

The best material is some sort of nylon. The cheaper bags may be made of polyester, but it’s not as durable in the long term. There are some pretty good vinyl’s we’ve experimented with, but they tend to be a heavier material and are better suited for cart bags, where weight is not as important.

What is the ideal weight for a bag that is carried by a golfer?

The goal would be around 2-1/2 pound, but it’s hard to get a bag all the way down there and still be durable enough. In my opinion, the best mix of features, durability and weight is about 3-1/2 pounds.

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History of the Modern Golf Bag

Golf HistoryLegend has it that during the 1421 battle of Baugé, French wartime allies introduced a Scottish regiment to “chole,” a 1300s forerunner of golf. Historians say that players used wooden sticks to hit leather balls along the ground towards a goal. Scottish soldiers brought chole back to Scotland in 1421, but the game was immediately banned because it distracted Scotland’s military from training. Eventually, peace with England arrived in 1502; James IV signed the Treaty of Glasgow, and the game of golf would become a recognized sport.

In those early days, players would typically carry their different clubs or simply bind them together with some sort of cord.

In the 1900s a modern golf ball was invented as well as the first club-carrying golf bag. The original bags were of the size and shape of our modern Sunday bags. These original golf bags were constructed from canvas with metal ends to offer protection and shape, and had a small 4” opening at the top. [Read more…]

Sun Mountain Golf Travel Bag in Forbes

In a recent Forbes story contributor Larry Olmsted included the Sun Mountain ClubGlider golf travel bag on a gift list saying,

“…….I have covered (golf) very regularly as a journalist for over 15 years. Frankly there is a lot of hype, crap and gimmicks in the golf marketplace, so I’ve sorted through that for you and there is something for everyone here at every price point….”

Included on Olmstead’s list is the Sun Mountain ClubGlider golf travel bag. About this award-winning golf travel bag, Olmsted wrote: [Read more…]

C-130 Cart Bag Remains #1

C-130 is Best Golf Cart Bag

Sun Mountain’s C-130 golf bag remains the company’s best-selling golf cart bag as it enters its seventh year in production. Every year the designers at Sun Mountain have made improvements and modifications but the foundation of the bag has remained constant: individual club-divided, reverse-oriented top; enough pocket space to live up to its cargo-plane referencing name; all pockets accessible even when the bag is on a cart; and light enough that it can be easily carried from car to cart. [Read more…]

Sun Mountain Named Official Bag, Outerwear and Walking Cart of the Symetra® Tour

Sun Mountain is continuing its six-year partnership with the “Road to the LPGA” as the Official Bag and Outerwear of the Symetra Tour. This year, for the first time, the Symentra Tour is allowing their players to use walking carts during competition and Sun Mountain is proud to be the tour’s first Official Walking Cart.

As part of its partnership role, Sun Mountain will be naming a Symetra Tour Players’ Advisory Council, conducting a golf bag trade-in program at several tour events, and continuing the end of the season Sun Mountain Skills Summit.

Discover the full line of Sun Mountain Golf Bags, Carts and Outerwear: Click Here for Sun Mountain Golf Products

ClubGlider Golf Travel Bag Attracts Attention at 2012 PGA Show

New products in Sun Mountain’s booth at the annual PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando Jan 26 – 28 turned heads and attracted a lot of attention.

One popular new product was the newest version of the ClubGlider golf travel bag that uniquely has a leg with wheels that supports 100% of the weight.

New for 2012 is the ClubGlider Journey golf travel bag which offers a smaller, lighter, less expensive option in the line.

Beyond golf pros and golf shop buyers being interested, some of the media in attendance were interested, too.

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New, Lighter ClubGlider® Golf Travel Bag for 2012

New for 2012, we have added the ClubGlider Journey to our offering of golf travel bags. Journey offers the same benefits as the other models in the ClubGlider series, in a smaller and lighter package.

In case you haven’t heard, ClubGlider is the next evolution in golf travel bags offering extendable legs and wheels to support 100% of the weight, while eliminating the repeated bending and lifting required with traditional travel bags. With the ClubGlider, walking around is effortless thanks to the maneuverability of the bag’s pivoting wheels.

ClubGlider is now available in three different models – Pro ($299), Meridian ($279), and the new Journey ($199).

ClubGlider Meridian is the new name for the original ClubGlider. ClubGlider Pro is the largest of the three models made to accommodate tour players oversized staff bags or two lightweight carry bags. ClubGlider Journey is the newest, smaller and lighter version of the golf travel bag. [Read more…]

Golf is the Answer to Keeping Your New Year’s Resolutions

If consistently popular New Year’s Resolutions include losing weight and exercising more. And, if key to keeping a resolution is enjoying it and not viewing it as work. Then we’ve got the answer. Golf!

A study found that walking a round of golf offers the same benefits as a step-aerobics class. Another study documents that walking two rounds of golf per week burns over 2,500 calories.

Sun Mountain makes it easier than ever to enjoy the walk with three-wheeled Speed Cart® and four-wheeled Micro-Cart® golf push carts and numerous choices of lightweight golf bags.

The new for 2012 Sync golf bag is even made specifically for use on our push carts and offers a 14-way divided top to help with that other resolution — to get more organized.

Sync Golg Bag

KG:2 Golf Bag Offers More

The new KG:2 golf stand bag from Sun Mountain offers more of all that golfers have come to appreciate about Sun Mountain golf bags. Built on the same frame as the ever-popular Superlight 3.5; KG:2 offers more pockets, more hand-holds and more style. KG:2 features a 9.5” oval, four-way top with full-length club dividers, three integrated top handles and a new lift-assist pocket handle, eight pockets (including a new mobile phone specific pocket), and a cart-friendly bottom. KG:2 will be in stores by November in a striking array of colors with a ‘street’ price of $199. For the retailer nearest you, call 800-227-9224 or visit [Read more…]

Mo Martin Carries Sun Mountain Bag to Victory

Sun Mountain congratulates Mo Martin for carrying one of our women’s golf stand bags to her third career victory on the LPGA Futures Tour.

Martin scored a final-round 6-under 66 at the Eagle Classic to win by three shots at 13-under 203 over runner-up Cara Freeman. So far Martin has recorded 10 top-10s in 14 events, including five top-five finishes, and jumped from No. 5 to third on the season money list with this victory. “This is a very crucial part of the season and this win means a whole bunch,” said Martin, 28, of Altadena, Calif. “It’s wonderful that [Read more…]