Key to Dressing for Spring Golf is Layering

When weather conditions vary from season to season, or even hour to hour, layering of golf apparel is the answer. Three key pieces include a thermal pullover, lightweight golf wind jacket, and a waterproof golf rain jacket.

Sun Mountain has you covered on all three accounts.

A popular golf thermal jacket available in both men’s and women’s styles is ThermalFlex. Thermal Flex is a stretchable, thermal pullover constructed from a soft polyester shell with added spandex for four-way stretch. $90. Vest $70.

golf jacket

For protection from the wind, Sun Mountain offers the Headwind golf windshirt that blocks wind and is so lightweight you might even forget you’re wearing it. With a water-repellant coating, this pullover doesn’t just protect from wind but also a light shower. Layered with a thermal pullover, Headwind can protect from windy conditions in temps from the 40s to the 70s. $70 for long-sleeve, $65 for short-sleeve.

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ThermalFlex Golf Outerwear

Sun Mountain Outerwear allows golfers to play earlier, play later and extend the season with golf-specific thermal wear. In addition to golf rain jackets, Sun Mountain also offers a stretchable, thermal layer called ThermalFlex. The ThermalFlex golf pullover is a half-zip jacket that can be worn alone as the perfect jacket for chilly mornings or as a warm, mid-layer on rainy, windy, cold days. ThermalFlex is available now. For the retailer nearest you, call 800-227-9224 or visit to find a retailer near you.

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ThermalFlex is the latest installment of thermalwear from the company that was the first to bring fleece to golf in the early 90s. Other pieces in Sun Mountain’s thermal line include: Second Layer waffle-weave thermal pullover, WeatherShield and WeatherFlex jackets, Gallatin fleece, and a full-line of women’s thermalwear to complement the women’s waterproof golf jacket.

In regions of the World where the weather is ever-changing, Sun Mountain has a golf-specific outerwear solution to enable a comfortable round of golf.