ESPN Suggests Sun Mountain Waterproof Golf Bag as Golf Gift Idea

In a recent article about golf gift ideas, ESPN writer Michael Collins suggests the Sun Mountain H2NO Lite waterproof golf bag.

He had this to say:

A waterproof golf bag? As a former pro caddie, this is something I can really appreciate. The bag weighs only 4.5 pounds and when the rain hood is used, everything inside stays dry. Even the zippers are waterproof!

As long as there isn’t lightning, your clubs are ready for action. If the golfer in your life walks more rounds than they ride, this is the bag that will give you hero status.

sms_espn gift guide_12-2013

 Hero status?! Who wouldn’t enjoy that?

H2NO Lite is one of four new bags in the Sun Mountain line of waterproof golf bags. The full line includes three waterproof golf carry bags and one waterproof golf cart bag.

To see the full line and to find a retailer, visit

College Golf Bag Gift Idea

If you are still struggling to find that great golf gift idea for the holidays, consider a college-logoed golf bag.

Sun Mountain offers two of its best selling golf bags in major college and university team colors. The C-130 golf cart bag and the Three5 golf stand bag can be ordered in the team colors of over 45 different colleges and universities. [Read more...]

Sun Mountain Gift Ideas

The Votes are in — Sun Mountain is a great Golf Gift Idea

We hate to revisit the subject twice but the evidence is too overwhelming to ignore. Sun Mountain is a great golf gift idea and that’s not just us patting ourselves on the back; others are doing the patting for us:

Golf Chicago says, “If your golfer deserves all the best, give him a little push” and suggests the Sun Mountain Micro-Cart golf push cart.

Golf Magazine,, and (Sports Illustrated) all suggests the Sun Mountain ClubGlider golf travel bag with built-in legs and wheels as a great gift idea.

John Paul Newport of the Wall Street Journal also suggests the ClubGlider golf travel bag in his “What to get a Golfer for the Holidays” and says that his next travel cover will be the ClubGlider Meridian.

Another vote for the ClubGlider from Jim Frank of Links magazine who writes, “The newest member of the ClubGlider bag line is smaller and lighter than previous models, but still has more than enough space for golf bag, shoes, and all the other playing paraphernalia you just can’t travel without. Of course, it also features the fold-out legs that support the bag’s full weight, eliminating the bending, twisting, lifting, and aching that come with so many other golf travel covers.” [Read more...]

Sun Mountain is a Great Golf Gift Idea

Golf Gift IdeasThe holiday shopping season is upon us. For the golfer in your life, you know that there is a long list of golf gift ideas. The challenge is to find a golf gift that does not require the golfer’s personal involvement. So, that pretty much eliminates irons, drivers, wedges, putters and even balls.

Don’t give up hope; there are still plenty of golf gift ideas that do not require personal fitting sessions, such as a new golf bag, a walking cart or some new golf rain gear.

Golf Chicago says, “If your golfer deserves all the best, give him a little push” and suggests the Sun Mountain Micro-Cart golf push cart.

Golf Magazine suggests [Read more...]