Sun Mountain Caption Contest Winner Announced

Thanks to all who submitted, and to those who voted, in the caption contest. We stepped into this hesitantly, thinking caption contests are sort of like dining room conversation – don’t bring up politics or religion. But, the photo was just begging for a caption contest so we proceeded onward.

Some of the entries that we can share include:

Don’t worry! If you hit a bad one, take a Billigan! — Rich Killoran

Barack, I swear I am telling the truth, my ball was this far inside of those white OB stakes! — Robert Branlund

Bill: Call me crazy, but i really don’t think you get bonus points for hitting that squirrel…. — Holden Harrison

Bill: “Alright Barry, you gotta keep this left of the recession bunker, go over the fiscal cliff, and down the forgiving subsidy straightaway. Oh, and you only have 4 more shots to do it.” — Danny Schnacky

And the caption garnering the most “Likes” and winning a Sun Mountain ThermalFlex Jacket is:


Bill: You know Obama you should really be back at the white house trying to figure out this economic crisis…Obama: You know i don’t have a clue what i’m doing Bill — Cam Rice.

Cam, message us so we can get your size, color choice and shipping information.

Thanks for participating. Next caption contest we will heed the dinner time rules!


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