High School Golf Bags

Beyond golf carry bags and golf cart bags with the Sun Mountain logo on the pocket, Sun Mountain also customizes high school golf bags, college golf bags, golf bags with the name of your course or club, tournament golf bags, golf bags with your company’s logo on it.

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One of the unique advantages of Sun Mountain is that all of this custom embroidery is done in-house so turn-around time is significantly quicker than that offered by others. So whether you need six, sixty, six hundred or even a few thousand pieces for your event, Sun Mountain can do it quickly and easily.

All of Sun Mountain’s golf bags may be embroidered with club, corporate and team logos. The Country Club line of bags is designed specifically to maximize your customization options. One of the bags in the Country Club line, the Collegiate golf bag, is made specifically to be used as a high school golf team bag or a college golf team bag. [Read more…]

College Golf Bag Gift Idea

If you are still struggling to find that great golf gift idea for the holidays, consider a college-logoed golf bag.

Sun Mountain offers two of its best selling golf bags in major college and university team colors. The C-130 golf cart bag and the Three5 golf stand bag can be ordered in the team colors of over 45 different colleges and universities. [Read more…]

College Logo Golf Bags

In addition to branded Sun Mountain lightweight golf carry bags and golf cart bags, Sun Mountain also offers a top-of-the-line golf stand bag and cart bag with major college and university team colors and logos. To-date Sun Mountain has agreements in place with 57 universities to include the likes of Michigan, Ohio State, Oklahoma and Georgia. Bag choices include a lightweight stand bag and a full-featured cart bag at $209 and $269, respectively.

Sun Mountain is also the golf bag of choice of hundreds of high school and college golf teams to include the University of Tennessee Lady Vols.

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Check out this photo by Jon Eilts of Erica Popson navigating a tricky shot from tree bark at the 2011 NCAA Golf Championships with her Sun Mountain stand bag in the foreground. [Read more…]