Golf Bags for Women

Sun Mountain golf bags for women include golf carry bags and golf cart bags. The carry bags include the Three 5 with a four-way divided top as well as the Four 5 with a 14-way top. As with all Sun Mountain golf bags, these club dividers run the full length from the top of the bag to the bottom.

In women’s golf cart bags, Sun Mountain offers bags designed for motorized golf carts and for golf walking carts. For riding carts, Sun Mountain women’s golf bags include the Diva and the S-One. For use of golf push carts or golf pull carts, Sun Mountain offers the Sync women’s golf cart bag.

All Sun Mountain women’s golf bags are shorter than the men’s bags to better accommodate women’s clubs.

Styles and colors abound within the women’s golf bag lines to include Orange, Black, Black/Pink, Huckleberry, and Fern for the women’s Three 5 stand bag. The women’s Four 5 golf stand bag is available in White/Orange, White/Purple, White/Black/Red, Black/Pink/White, and White/Lime/Argyle.

You really need to see these women’s golf bags to fully appreciate the patterns that go with the varying color combinations.

For the golf cart bags, Diva is available in Black/Silver Plaid and Storm Plaid/Pink. S-One golf cart bag is available in Brown/Khaki/Argyle, Purple/Black, Pink/Black/White, Black/White, and Black/Niagara/Argyle.

The color options for the Sync walking cart bag include Pink/White/Black, Purple/White/Black, Orange/White/Black and Fern/White/Black.

All Sun Mountain bags include full-length club dividers, lift-assist handles, velour-lined valuables pockets, full-length clothing pockets, and Sun Mountain’s impeccable attention to detail.

And, with Sun Mountain’s proprietary cart-friendly bottoms, even the carry bags work well as golf cart bags.

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