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Golf is a fun and exciting sport that provides you with a multitude of benefits, such as improving your physical and mental health, socializing with friends and enjoying the outdoors – and that’s just the start. 

However, golf can also be a challenging and exhausting activity, especially if you have to carry your golf bag around the course. That’s why many golfers opt for using a golf cart to transport their clubs and accessories.

But what if you don’t want to rent or buy a motorized golf cart? What if you prefer to walk the course and get some exercise while playing? In that case, you might want to consider getting a golf push cart or a golf pull cart. These manual carts allow you to roll your golf bag along the ground instead of carrying it on your shoulders, making your golfing experience more comfortable, convenient and enjoyable.

But which one should you choose? A golf push cart or a golf pull cart? What are the differences between a push cart for golf vs. a pull cart for golf? Moreso, how can you decide which one is best suited for your needs and preferences? 

Sun Mountain has the answers you’re looking for and more.


What is a Golf Push Cart?

A golf push cart is a type of cart with three or four wheels and a handle that you can use to push the cart, which is situated in front of you. It usually has a folding mechanism that allows you to collapse it for easy storage and transportation. It also has various features and accessories, such as brakes, cup holders, umbrella holders, scorecard holders and storage areas – this creates a truly all-encompassing experience as you make your way from hole to hole.

A golf push cart is designed to distribute the weight of your mens and womens golf bags evenly across the wheels, making it easier and more stable to maneuver. It also reduces the strain on your arms, shoulders, back and legs, as you don’t have to pull or lift anything.

Some of the benefits of using a golf push cart are:

  • Cost savings
  • Calorie burning
  • Enhanced performance
  • Club protection

Golf pull carts are similar, but have some distinct differences.


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What is a Golf Pull Cart?

A golf pull cart is a type of cart that has two wheels and a handle used to pull the cart compartment, which is situated behind you. It often has a simple and lightweight structure that makes it easy to fold and unfold. It also has some basic features and accessories, such as straps, hooks, clips and pockets for convenience and comfort.

A golf pull cart is designed to reduce the effort of carrying your golf bag by allowing you to roll it along the ground. However, it still requires some strength and balance to pull it, as you have to bear some of the weight of your bag. It also puts some pressure on your arms, shoulders, back and legs as you have to twist and turn your body while pulling. This is one of the biggest differences, with pull carts requiring a bit more elbow grease to get moving. 

Some of the benefits of using a golf pull cart are:

  • Cost-effective
  • Light and compact
  • Simple and durable 

Some of the drawbacks of using a golf pull cart are:

  • Not as stable
  • Light on extra features
  • Lacks comfort and protection


How are Golf Push Carts Different from Golf Pull Carts?

As you can see, there are some significant differences between golf push carts and golf pull carts. Here are some of the main aspects that distinguish them:

Wheels: Golf push carts have three or four wheels, while golf pull carts have two wheels. This affects their stability, maneuverability and ease of use.

Handle: Golf push carts have a single handle that you can use to push them in front of you, while golf pull carts have two handles that you can use to pull them behind you. This affects their ergonomics, alignment and control.

Structure: Golf push carts have a more complex and robust structure that allows them to support more weight and features, while golf pull carts have a simpler and lighter structure that makes them more portable and economical. 

 Features: Golf push carts have more features and accessories that enhance their convenience and versatility, such as brakes, cup holders, umbrella holders, storage and more, while golf pull carts have fewer features and accessories that limit their utility and comfort. 


Golf Pull Cart vs. Push Cart: How to Choose Between the Two 

Choosing between a golf push cart and a golf pull cart can be tricky, as both have their pros and cons. Here are some factors to consider when making your decision:

Budget: Golf pull carts are generally cheaper than golf push carts, so if you want to save some money, they might be a better option for you. However, golf push carts might offer more value for your money in terms of stability and features.

Space: Golf pull carts are lighter and more compact than golf push carts, so they are easier to transport and store in your car or garage. However, golf push carts might not be a problem if you have a spacious car and garage – Sun Mountain push carts are made to be as compact as possible, so space should never really be an issue.

Course: Golf pull carts are simpler and more durable than golf push carts, so they might work well on flat and smooth courses. However, golf push carts are more stable and versatile than golf pull carts, so they might perform better on hilly or rough courses. They also have more functionality, such as brakes, storage compartments and accessories.

Health: Golf push carts are more comfortable and ergonomic than golf pull carts, so they might be a better choice if you have any physical issues or injuries that affect your arms, shoulders, back, or legs. They also allow you to maintain a better posture and burn more calories while walking the course. 

As you can see, there is no clear-cut answer to which cart is better for you. It all depends on your personal preferences and needs. The best way to find out is to try both types of carts and see which one suits you better.


History of Sun Mountain Golf Carts

Sun Mountain specializes in golf products, such as bags, apparel, accessories and more. And in the late 1990’s, Sun Mountain entered into the golf push cart market. 

The push cart revolution for Sun Mountain began in 1999, when we introduced the first three-wheeled cart, the Speed Cart. 

Sun Mountain founder, Rick Reimers, got the idea from seeing a jogger with a baby stroller and wondered how it would work for golf. He realized that pushing a cart was easier and less tiring than pulling one and that it would also benefit the golfers’ swing by reducing shoulder fatigue. The Speed Cart was an instant success and changed the way golfers walked the course.

Over the years, we’ve improved and expanded our push cart line, adding features such as brakes, storage compartments, accessories and adjustable handles. We also developed the four-wheeled Micro-Cart, which folds smaller and is lighter than the Speed Cart. In 2015, Sun Mountain launched the Reflex cart, which combines the best of both worlds: it opens up to the size of the Speed Cart but folds down to the size of the Micro-Cart. 

One of the current models that we offer is the Speed Cart V1R, which is the latest version of our best-selling Speed Cart. The V1R has an improved E-Z latch system that ensures a tighter lock when the cart is folded or in use. The V1R is incredibly stable, easy to maneuver and highly functional. It comes in six different colors to suit your style. 


Choosing the Best Rolling Golf Cart for You

Golf push carts and golf pull carts are both great options for transporting your golf cart bag around the course without having to rent or buy a motorized golf cart. They can make your golfing experience more enjoyable, convenient and beneficial. However, they also have some differences that can affect their suitability for your needs and preferences.

To choose between a golf push cart or a golf pull cart, you should consider various factors, such as your budget, preferences, needs, goals and the type of course you play on. You should also try out different models and brands of carts before buying one to see how they feel and perform.

Ultimately, the best cart for you is the one that meets your expectations and enhances your satisfaction. All that’s left is to choose the style that’s right for you. Happy walking!

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