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Customer reviews

Customer reviews

“Love the Kube. Folds up small and compact for storage. Plenty of room for extras like shoes and hiking poles!”
— Johnny B.
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Sun Mountain Luggage Differentiators

Travel golf gear that makes travel convenient


Sun Mountain's commitment to durability goes beyond standard expectations. The brand's focus on robust construction and resilient materials ensures that their golf luggage can withstand the demands of frequent travel and remain a reliable companion for years to come.When it comes to durability, Sun Mountain's ClubGlider stands out as a top choice in golf luggage. The ClubGlider is designed to withstand the rigors of travel, ensuring your golf gear remains well-protected throughout your journeys.

Low-profile travel golf gear


Sun Mountain's golf luggage is designed with versatility in mind, catering not only to the transportation of clubs but also the storage and organization of various golf accessories, apparel, and personal items, providing multifunctional solutions for golf enthusiasts on the move.

For golfers seeking versatility in their luggage, Sun Mountain's provides the ideal solution. From the wheeled carry-on to the Kube, functionality with adaptability come together, catering to the diverse needs of golf enthusiasts on the move.

Superior protection for your golf gear


Sun Mountain understands the importance of user-friendly design. Their golf luggage products are engineered to streamline the packing and transportation process, offering intuitive features that make handling and managing the luggage a hassle-free experience for golfers of all levels.

The Kube travel cover from Sun Mountain is renowned for its user-friendly design, making it exceptionally easy to manage during travel. Discover the convenience and simplicity of the Kube travel cover for hassle-free transportation of your golf equipment.

Importance of Golf Luggage

Golf luggage plays a pivotal role in safeguarding your valuable golf equipment, offering protection from potential damage during short and long-distance travel. Whether you're heading to your local course or embarking on a golf getaway, reliable golf luggage ensures your clubs, accessories, and gear are shielded from external impacts.

Investing in high-quality golf luggage is essential for shielding your clubs and accessories from the wear and tear of travel. With durable materials and thoughtful design, Sun Mountain's golf luggage provides the protective power necessary to maintain the integrity of your gear and golf bag, safeguarding it against potential damage.

Golf Luggage FAQs

Are Sun Mountain's golf luggage products suitable for air travel?

Yes, Sun Mountain's golf luggage products are designed to meet the requirements for air travel, providing secure protection for your golf gear during flights.

Can the wheeled carry-on accommodate golf apparel and accessories in addition to clubs?

No, the wheeled carry-on is designed to provide ample space for your apparel and various golf accessories, but will not accommodate a set of clubs.

How does the ClubGlider's durability benefit frequent travelers?

The ClubGlider's exceptional durability ensures that frequent travelers can rely on long-lasting protection for their golf equipment, offering peace of mind during extensive journeys.

Is the Kube travel cover easy to store when not in use?

Yes, the Kube travel cover is conveniently designed to fold up small and compact for effortless storage when it's not in use.

What materials are used to enhance the durability of Sun Mountain's golf luggage?

Sun Mountain's golf luggage incorporates robust, high-quality materials such as reinforced fabrics and sturdy zippers to maximize durability and longevity.

Does Sun Mountain offer warranty coverage for its golf luggage products?

Yes, Sun Mountain provides warranty coverage for one year from purchase date on its golf luggage, ensuring customers receive support and assistance in the rare event of product issues.

Are there any specific care instructions for maintaining Sun Mountain's golf luggage?

No, Sun Mountain luggage is low-maintenance and does not require specific care instructions.

Can Sun Mountain's golf luggage be used for purposes beyond golf, such as general travel?

While designed with golf-specific features, Sun Mountain's golf luggage is versatile enough to serve as reliable travel companions for various gear beyond the golf course.

TravelGear ClubGlider


When we introduced the ClubGlider with its extremely easy-to-use leg system, it quickly rose in popularity among those who love a golf getaway. Since then, we’ve expanded the ClubGlider series with several premium models and added the first-of-its kind folding Kube to our travel bag collection.