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Customer reviews

Customer reviews

"The Mid-Stripe bag from Sun Mountain is on another level. Couldn't be more impressed with the clean-lined approach and the always-consistent Sun Mountain quality. Huge upgrade - now I need to do the same for the rest of my game!"
— Russell S. | Mid-Stripe Single Strap Bag
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Sun Mountain Sun Resistant Golf Bags

HIgh Performance

Anti-fading golf bags and golf bags with UV protection from Sun Mountain are made with WeatherMax, a highly durable and weather-resistant fabric to weather the harshest conditions. With these properties, Sun Mountain’s line of sun-resistant golf bags are highly resistant to fading and environmental wear and tear.


Material designed to resist the sun, UV rays, fading and anti-mildew properties are typically considered an industrial quality that sacrifices stylish appeal for high performance. With Sun Mountain’s sun-resistant golf bags, that doesn’t have to be the case. Look no further than our standout Weathermax Stand Bag that combines both high-performance properties with stylish designs and color schemes.  

The Weathermax Stand Bag is a lightweight golf bag specializing in outdoor performance fabrics. It is designed for demanding environments and is highly water and UV-resistant.


At Sun Mountain, functionality is one of our fundamentals in designing all-purpose weather-resistant golf bags. We develop our golf bags to fit the unique needs of various golfers.  Whether you golf in a sunny climate and need anti-fade technology or a very rainy climate and need an anti-mildew solution, we have a golf bag for you.  Our elite line of weather-resistant golf bags cater to various climates and we’ve developed a cart and stand bag style to fit your game.

Importance of the Sun Resistant Golf Bag Collection

Sun Mountain’s sun-resistant golf bag collection with anti-mildew and anti-fading properties is designed for golfers who don’t mind golfing in any weather condition and want a golf bag that can weather harsh environments with them.

By investing in highly-durable golf bags such as the WeatherMax Golf Bag, golfers who enjoy golfing in demanding environments can trust that their WeatherMax golf bag will last through tough conditions.

Sun Resistant Golf Bag Collection FAQs

What is the warranty on Sun Mountain golf bags? 

At Sun Mountain, we greatly value the quality of our products. Our golf bags come with a one year warranty that guarantees against any defects in materials and workmanship.

What is WeatherMax®?

WeatherMax® is a line of innovative and cutting-edge fabrics from an organization called Safety Components. Its primary focus is to design and produce textiles for markets like fire service, military, outdoor fabrics, aerospace, and more. A Sun Mountain WeatherMax golf bag uses these cutting-edge fabrics to maximize the highest quality and highest strength of raw materials available.

What is WeatherMax® fabric made from?

WeatherMax® fabrics are made with a highly durable and weather-resistant fabric made from filaments like tiny fishing lines bundled together.

Can I use a stand bag on a riding cart or with a golf trolley/push cart?

Most Sun Mountain stand bags can be used on a golf trolley, riding cart or push cart. We pride ourselves on making golf bags with versatility in mind so you don’t have to commit and be stuck with one choice.

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We offer fully custom embroidery on most Sun Mountain bags through a skilled team of in-house artisans in Missoula, MT. Add a personal touch to your Sun Mountain gear to represent your club, business, teams or personal brand.