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2022 Colter Jacket
$99.99 $149.99
2022 Colter Long Sleeve
$109.99 $139.99
2022 Brushed Solo Pullover
$49.99 $69.99
2021 Pryor LS Thermal
$49.99 $99.99
2021 Women's AT Hybrid Jacket
From $104.99 $139.99
2021 Women's AT Hybrid Vest
$89.99 $119.99
2020 Women's Glacier Jacket
$39.99 $89.99

Customer reviews

Customer reviews

 “Light weight easy to throw on if the weather turns. Also great for cool foggy windy conditions we get along the northern California coast."
— Philip P. | Monsoon Jacket
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Play Through Any Condition


(And Look Great Doing It)

Sun Mountain Closeout Outerwear Differentiators

Waterproof Guarantee

Premium Comfort on a Budget

Get the best in Sun Mountain's men’s and women’s outerwear for less. Sun Mountain’s golf outerwear is designed with unparalleled comfort in mind and is made to ensure unrestricted movement during swings and transitions on the golf course. Crafted from lightweight, stretchable and breathable materials, Sun Mountain’s closeout outerwear selection allows you to save a little money and play your best game without constraints.

Breathable Golf Jackets

Stylish Designs

Experience the fusion of modern design and performance with Sun Mountain’s collection of golfing attire. Made with versatile materials in athletic cuts and patterns, our outerwear elevates your golf performance while providing you the satisfaction of looking stylish as you play through your game.

Comfortable Pullovers and Polos

Versatility for Less

From heavy-duty jackets to vests, golf pants, and more, our golf outerwear features versatile designs that are suitable for a variety of weather conditions while seamlessly transitioning from the golf course to everyday wear. With outerwear offering adaptability for various weather conditions and water-resistant properties, there is a selection for any occasion. Regardless of your choice, Sun Mountain’s outerwear provides the flexibility needed to navigate through changing climates while maintaining a chic and sporty look that keeps you warm.

Importance of Closeout Golf Outerwear

Golf outerwear plays a pivotal role in enhancing the overall golfing experience for golf enthusiasts. It provides protection from the elements, allowing you to maintain focus and comfort during play. If you are looking for a new jacket or a new pair of pants but are looking to stay within a limited budget, our closeout outerwear is perfect for your needs. For the more budget-conscious golfers who don’t mind clothing lines that are cycling out, our closeout outerwear collection provides the necessary balance of style and functionality, addressing the specific needs of golfers and outdoor enthusiasts.

Closeout Outerwear FAQs

Are Sun Mountain golf outerwear waterproof?

Sun Mountain offers a range of water-resistant and waterproof outerwear options designed to shield you from the elements without compromising on comfort and style. Please check the features in the product details to see if the piece you are looking for includes a “waterproof” or “water-resistant” marker.

How do I ensure the right fit when purchasing Sun Mountain outerwear?

We provide detailed sizing guides for each of our outerwear pieces to assist you in finding the perfect fit. Feel free to refer to these guides prior to making your purchase.

Can I wear Sun Mountain golf outerwear casually?

Absolutely. Our collection of outerwear prioritizes style and versatility, making it perfectly suitable for various outdoor activities or casual/business casual wear beyond the golf course.

What should I know beforehand about clearance golf wear?

As the years go on, at Sun Mountain, we are constantly improving the innovative technology for our golf outerwear and as such, we have limited capacity for our clothing lines, which is why we have outerwear that goes on clearance and closeout to cycle the old out and bring in the new. That does not mean the clearance golf wear works any less. With Sun Mountain’s closeout outerwear selection, golfers can get the same high quality and innovative golf wear for less than they were at release.

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Sun Mountain outerwear is designed for the all-weather golfer or anyone who loves to enjoy the great outdoors year-round. From freedom of movement to warmth, breathability to quiet fabrics, our garments will help you reach your peak performance in comfort and style.