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Customer reviews

Customer reviews

"The Mid-Stripe bag from Sun Mountain is on another level. Couldn't be more impressed with the clean-lined approach and the always-consistent Sun Mountain quality. Huge upgrade - now I need to do the same for the rest of my game!"
— Russell S. | Mid-Stripe Single Strap Bag
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Sun Mountain Luxury Golf Bags

Lightweight Golf Bags

Premium Quality

Sun Mountain luxury golf bags are crafted with exceptional care and superb quality that goes unmatched, from luxury leather golf bags to waterproof designed golf bags. Our selection of golf bags offers a variety of functions and features to give you the best golfing experience, rain or shine.

Golf Bags Made for Walking

Cutting-Edge Style

When it comes to Sun Mountain golf bags, we strive to make our golf bags not only cutting-edge in function but also in style. Golfers of various preferences can find the perfect style for them. Whether it's modern and sleek, a luxurious leather golf bag, or a golf bag designed to weather the elements. Our products are built to last and let you golf in a style you can be proud of.

Golf Bag Styles for Everyone

Assembled in America (Montana)

At Sun Mountain, our golf bags are assembled in America, specifically in Montana. This way, we can ensure that we meet the highest standards of quality and craftsmanship while proudly supporting American-made products. We also work exclusively with the best international manufacturing facilities because we are committed to producing the best golf bags.

Importance of the Luxury Golf Bag Collection

Sun Mountain’s luxury golf bag collection is curated for golfers who want to go beyond function and take their style to the next level. With a collection spanning premium leather golf bags for an elegant style to weather-resistant/waterproof golf bags that provide excellent protection from the elements without sacrificing form or style, our luxury golf bags can find a home with any golfer. 

Here at Sun Mountain, you can find 3 types of luxury golf club bags: stand bags, carry bags and cart bags. Carry bags are designed to be the lightest type of golf bag meant for carrying around the golf course. Stand bags are a perfect in-between that is still lightweight for carrying while being designed to have a built-in stand that automatically releases when the bag is set down. The Sun Mountain cart bags are designed to attach to a push cart or take on a riding golf cart. Since these are designed to be larger and heavier, they have optimal storage for all your gear.

No matter your choice, these three types of luxury golf club bags can service any golfer looking to golf in style.

Luxury Golf Bag Collection FAQs

Why do I need a luxury golf bag?

Luxury golf bags are designed for golfers who want to invest in their golf game and look good on the course to impress. Luxury golf bags stand out and are unique without sacrificing form or features that make them quality golf bags.

How do I choose the best luxury golf bag for me?

Ask yourself what you want in a golf bag outside of features like waterproof capabilities. What is your type of style? Do you like the rustic elegance of leather or a more modern style? By asking yourself these questions, you can set the parameters of what you should look for in your next luxury golf bag. Also, ask yourself what your price limit is to help you narrow down the best golf bag for you.

What makes a luxury golf bag stand out from non-luxury?

Luxury golf bags are made with premium materials and elevated style to turn heads and get people’s attention, showing that you are a golfer who is heavily invested in your game. Luxury golf bags stand out from the crowd of other golf bags because they are made of the finest materials, which is reflected in the golf bag’s style, durability and overall quality.

When should I upgrade my golf bag?

If your bag is showing signs of heavy wear, this is a good sign to upgrade your golf bag.  Additionally, as technology, materials and designs change, you’ll want to have modern gear to play your best. Lastly, if you find yourself increasingly invested in the game, this is another good sign to consider upgrading or expanding your gear options.

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We offer fully custom embroidery on most Sun Mountain bags through a skilled team of in-house artisans in Missoula, MT. Add a personal touch to your Sun Mountain gear to represent your club, business, teams or personal brand.