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Customer reviews

Customer reviews

"Just received my V1R Speed Cart. This is third I've purchased. The NEW 2023 V1R is the BEST. "
— Alan S. | V1R Push Cart
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Sun Mountain Golf Push Carts Key Differentiators

Lightweight golf push carts


Made with premium materials and built to last, Sun Mountain push carts feature ultimate durability. Carrying a golf bag isn’t for everyone, but if you would like to walk the course in comfort and convenience try a push cart. Sun Mountain’s push carts are made with premium material that is also lightweight, allowing you to control the push cart with ease, maximum speed, efficiency, and convenience.

Customizable golf push carts


Modify your push cart with accessories optimized for your needs.Sun Mountain push carts prioritize customization with a variety of accessories and add-ons for you to maximize your golf game and play your best. From seed bottles to range finder pouches, Sun Mountain push carts give golfers the freedom to approach their golf game prepared for whatever they need.

Convenient golf push carts


Optimized with convenience in mind, Sun Mountain golf push carts are designed to be hassle-free, easy to use, and compact when not in use. Sun Mountain golf push carts feature a variety of customizable options to support your golf bag, giving you ease of mind when shopping for a push cart. Featuring an E-Z Latch System, our push carts fold in two easy steps, making it convenient to set up and store away.

Importance of Golf Push Carts

High-quality and durable golf push carts play a critical role in enhancing an individual’s overall golfing experience. Not every golfer wants to carry their golf bag for the entire game, but push carts offer a convenient alternative if they would like to walk the course. Sun Mountain golf push carts provide a lightweight and durable alternative to traverse the golf course and can be customized with accessories for your optimal golf game. Golfers of all skill levels and needs can approach their game the way they want with a fast and lightweight golf push cart that can elevate their golfing experience. Golf push carts support various golf bag sizes and extend storage space options.  The E-Z Lock System makes Sun Mountain push carts easy to set up or store in just two simple steps. Experience the difference a Sun Mountain golf push cart can bring to your golf game.

Golf Push Carts FAQs

What is a golf push cart?

A golf push cart allows you to walk your golf round without requiring you to carry your clubs. A golf push cart is a stable and versatile hand cart that handles hilly and rough courses exceptionally.

Are golf push carts allowed on the green?

Not at all. The same golf course rules apply even when you carry your golf bag: the push cart must be away from the putting greens and the putting green complex.

What are the benefits of a golf push cart?

There are many benefits to using golf push carts. For golfers who prefer to walk the course and get some light exercise in while playing their golf round, a push cart offers a convenient alternative to a carry bag. Golf push carts can also be customized to include accessories such as additional storage, additional cup holders, or an umbrella to shade you from the sun as you walk.

How much space do push carts take up when not in use?

Very little. Sun Mountain push carts are designed to fold up when not in use to be stored in small, compact spaces.

Trailblazing Golf Carts


Our push carts keep getting faster, lighter, smarter, better. Made with premium materials for ultimate durability, your Sun Mountain push cart will be ready to roll for years and years. Enjoy thoughtful features and unexpected extras that improve your golf experience.