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Customer reviews

Customer reviews

 “Lightweight and very comfortable!”
— Kelley D. | Monsoon Pants
Golf Rain Pants
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Sun Mountain Golf Rain Pants Differentiators

Quiet Rain Pants

Quiet Rain Pants

Sun Mountain’s rain pants are made with wind and rainproof protection material that is lightweight and stretches for maximum comfort and mobility. The best part is, these men’s golf pants are also quiet, so you won’t distract yourself and others with the swishing sounds made when you walk to your next shot or squat to read a putt.

Waterproof Guarantee

Two-year Waterproof Guarantee

Sun Mountain’s lightweight golf pants come with a two-year waterproof guarantee. This ensures that you’ll stay dry on the course no matter the weather – and you can be confident that these waterproof golf pants for men will last.

Golf Rain Pants

Comfortable Elastic Waist

Sun Mountain’s lightweight golf pants are extremely comfortable. The elastic waist with a drawstring provides a custom fit that moves as you do. This ensures that the pants stay in place while you’re playing so you can focus on your next shot.


Sun Mountain offers a wide range of men’s pants that are perfect for golfing in the rain. Our pants are designed with the everyday golfer in mind, so you can be sure they’ll provide the comfort and performance you need to play your best no matter the weather.

Sun Mountain’s waterproof golf pants, winter pants and more are made with exceptional, lightweight fabrics so you can continue to swing away. The elastic waist with drawstring provides a custom, snug fit, making them great for golfers of all sizes.


What pants do you wear golfing?

The type of golf pants you should wear depends on the weather. If it’s raining or cold, we recommend wearing rain golf pants like the Cirque, Tour Series, or Rainflex. If it’s hot, we’d recommend wearing men’s lightweight golf pants that are breathable and moisture-wicking.

What are the best rain pants?

Sun Mountain’s large selection of lightweight rain pants is an excellent option for golfers who want to stay dry and warm while avoiding rain checks from the pro shop. The best golf pants for wet conditions utilize moisture-wicking material that keeps you warm and comfortable even if there’s a downpour outside.

Are rain pants necessary?

Rain pants aren’t always necessary, but they can be beneficial if you play in wet or cold climates or in places where storms unexpectedly roll through. The best lightweight golf pants will keep you dry and warm so you can focus less on the weather and more on your next shot.

Do you wear rain pants over regular pants?

It’s recommended to wear rain pants over regular pants to help keep your base outfit dry. When the storm passes, you can revert back to your original outfit in pure comfort.

How do you wash rain pants?

You should follow the care instructions on the label of your rain pants. Generally, it’s best to wash them like you would other delicate items – clean in cold water with a mild detergent and then hang them up to dry.

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Sun Mountain outerwear is designed for the all-weather golfer or anyone who loves to enjoy the great outdoors year-round. From freedom of movement to warmth, breathability to quiet fabrics, our garments will help you reach your peak performance in comfort and style.