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Trapper Jacket
Granite II Jacket
Granite II Jacket - Reversible
From $164.99 $219.99
Granite II Vest - Reversible
From $134.99 $179.99
Granite Vest
From $104.99 $139.99
Colter II Hooded Jacket
From $114.99 $149.99
Colter II Vest
From $89.99 $119.99
Colter II LS Pullover
From $104.99 $139.99
Retro Letterman Jacket - Reversible
Retro Puff Vest
Headwall Pullover
From $89.99 $119.99
Headwall Vest
2021 Pryor LS Thermal
$49.99 $99.99
Bridger Pullover
Bitterroot Pullover
Colter II Blanket
Women's Headwall Jacket
Women's Colter II Jacket
From $114.99 $149.99
2021 Women's AT Hybrid Vest
$89.99 $119.99
2021 Women's AT Hybrid Jacket
From $104.99 $139.99
Women's Colter II Vest
From $99.99 $129.99
Women's Kintla Parka
Women's Second Layer Hooded Jacket
From $59.99
2022 Colter Vest
From $79.99 $119.99
2022 Colter Long Sleeve
$109.99 $139.99
2022 Colter Jacket
$99.99 $149.99
Horizon Jacket
Horizon Vest

Customer reviews

Customer reviews

 “It’s Sun Mountain, what do you expect? Life long skier here, not a stranger to technical outerwear. The Cirque gear is on par with all of my best ski gear, and you can still make a silky smooth golf swing wearing it."
— Luke | Cirque Jacket
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Play Through Any Condition


(And Look Great Doing It)

Sun Mountain Winter Golf Jackets For Sale

Lightweight Golf Jackets


Sun Mountain winter golf jackets are designed to keep you warm and cozy on the coldest days on the course. Our jackets feature premium insulation from natural materials that trap body heat and release moisture. This technology helps you maintain your optimal temperature and comfort level, no matter how chilly it gets.

Hooded Golf Jackets


Sun Mountain golf outerwear options are not only warm but also comfortable and flexible. Our jackets have strategically placed 4-way stretch panels, allowing a full range of motion and a smooth swing. Our jackets also have a soft feel and a flattering fit, so you can look good and feel good while playing golf.

Golf jackets in a variety of fabrics

Pocket Space

Sun Mountain cold-weather golf jackets have plenty of pocket space to store your essentials and accessories. Most of our jackets have multiple pockets, including internal and external chest pockets that are easy to access and secure. You can keep your phone, keys, wallet, gloves, and tees in your jacket without worrying about losing or getting them wet.


If you love golfing all year round, you need a winter golf jacket that can handle the cold weather. Sun Mountain has the best cold-weather golf jackets for winter golfing that will keep you warm, comfortable, and stylish on the course. Our jackets are made from high-quality materials and craftsmanship that are windproof, water-resistant, and durable. Our jackets are also available in different colors and sizes to suit your preferences. We have everything if you need a hooded jacket, a vest, or a pullover.


How do I choose the right winter golf jacket for me?

The right winter golf jacket for you depends on your preference and the weather conditions you play in. Some factors to consider are:

  • Warmth: If you play in frigid temperatures, you may want a jacket with more insulation and a hood to keep you warm. Our Colter collection is ideal for harsh winters.
  • Breathability: If you play in mild temperatures but still need protection from the wind and rain, you may want a jacket with more breathability and ventilation. Our Monsoon collection is perfect for rainy days.
  • Style: You may want a jacket with more color and design options to express your personality and taste. Our jackets come in various colors and patterns, from classic black to bright red.
How do I care for my winter golf jacket?

To keep your winter golf jacket in good condition, follow these tips:

  • Store your jacket in a cool and dry place when not in use.
  • You can machine wash or dry your jacket, depending on the fabric. The label will have care instructions specific to your jacket.
  • Mild laundry detergents are safe to use on our jackets, but may break the durable water repellent down over several washes.  To reinstate the durable water repellent coating, we recommend Granger’s waterproofing solution.
What is the return policy for Sun Mountain winter golf jackets?

Sun Mountain winter golf jackets are covered by a 30-day return policy from date of purchase.  View our full return policy.

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Sun Mountain outerwear is designed for the all-weather golfer or anyone who loves to enjoy the great outdoors year-round. From freedom of movement to warmth, breathability to quiet fabrics, our garments will help you reach your peak performance in comfort and style.