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Rainflex Elite Jacket
Rainflex Elite LS Pullover
Summit LS Pullover
Granite II Jacket
From $134.99 $179.99
Colter II Hooded Jacket
From $114.99 $149.99
Colter II LS Pullover
From $104.99 $139.99
Colter II Vest
From $89.99 $119.99
Glacier Fleece Pullover
$59.99 $89.99
Headwall Hooded Jacket
Headwall Pullover
From $89.99 $119.99
Madison Hoodie
ThermalFlex Pullover
Bridger Pullover
Second Layer
From $49.99 $69.99
Silvertip Polo
From $39.99 $54.99
Women's Rainflex Elite Jacket
Women's Monsoon Jacket
Women's Colter II Jacket
From $114.99 $149.99
Women's Kintla Parka
Women's Summit LT Jacket
2021 Women's AT Hybrid Jacket
From $104.99 $139.99
2021 Women's AT Hybrid Vest
From $89.99 $119.99
Women's Second Layer
From $49.99 $69.99
Women's Gallatin Hoodie

Customer reviews

Customer reviews

 “Light weight easy to throw on if the weather turns. Also great for cool foggy windy conditions we get along the northern California coast."
— Philip P. | Monsoon Jacket
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Play Through Any Condition


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Sun Mountain Golf Outerwear Differentiators

Waterproof Guarantee


Our outerwear is engineered to withstand the elements, providing protection from wind, rain, and other inclement weather conditions.

Sun Mountain's Monsoon Jacket is the epitome of weatherproofing in golf outerwear. Constructed with advanced water-resistant materials, this jacket provides unparalleled protection from wind and rain, ensuring that you stay warm and dry even in adverse conditions. The Monsoon Jacket's thoughtfully designed features and durable construction make it the perfect choice for golfers who refuse to let unfavorable weather dampen their game.

Breathable Golf Jackets


Sun Mountain prioritizes comfort, ensuring that our outerwear allows for freedom of movement and a comfortable fit. 

Regarding comfort, the Sun Mountain Cirque Jacket stands out as an excellent choice. Constructed with a three-layer fabric, this jacket incorporates a remarkable level of 4-way stretch, providing exceptional flexibility and freedom of movement. The Cirque Jacket's featherlight design and advanced materials ensure you can move effortlessly throughout your swing, allowing for an unrestricted and comfortable playing experience.

Comfortable Pullovers and Polos


Our outerwear is designed with breathability in mind, allowing for optimal airflow and moisture management. The fabrics used in our garments ensure that you stay comfortable and dry, even during intense physical activity. The breathable nature of the All-Weather Outerwear collection, including the Monsoon Jacket, helps regulate body temperature, ensuring you stay focused on your game.

Sun Mountain's Stratus Jacket is the embodiment of breathability in winter golf outerwear. With advanced moisture-wicking technology and strategically placed ventilation, this jacket ensures optimal airflow and moisture management. The Stratus Jacket's innovative design allows for consistent breathability, keeping you cool and comfortable throughout your round, regardless of the level of exertion.

Importance of Golf Jackets & Outerwear

High-quality golf outerwear plays a crucial role in enhancing an individual’s overall golfing experience. It provides protection from various weather conditions and allows golfers to maintain their focus and perform at their best regardless of the elements. Sun Mountain's outerwear is specifically designed to deliver the necessary combination of weatherproofing, comfort, and breathability, ensuring peak performance and enjoyment during every round.

Golf Outerwear FAQs

Are Sun Mountain golf jackets suitable for winter conditions?

Yes, our range of winter golf jackets includes options specifically designed for winter conditions, providing warmth and weather protection without compromising on style.

Do Sun Mountain jackets restrict movement during the golf swing?

Not at all. Our jackets are tailored to allow for maximum freedom of movement, ensuring that your swing remains unrestricted and natural.

Are Sun Mountain's outerwear garments machine washable?

Many of our outerwear garments are machine washable, though it's essential to check the care instructions specific to each product.

How does Sun Mountain ensure breathability in its outerwear?

Our outerwear incorporates advanced breathable fabrics and ventilation features to maximize airflow and moisture management during physical activity.

Can Sun Mountain outerwear be worn off the golf course?

Absolutely. Our outerwear is versatile and stylish, making it perfect for outdoor activities beyond the golf course.

Is Sun Mountain outerwear water-resistant?

Yes, many of our outerwear pieces, like the Monsoon Jacket, are designed with water-resistant materials to keep you dry and comfortable in light rain or mist.

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Sun Mountain outerwear is designed for the all-weather golfer or anyone who loves to enjoy the great outdoors year-round. From freedom of movement to warmth, breathability to quiet fabrics, our garments will help you reach your peak performance in comfort and style.