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A recent GolfWRX story listed the top 15 golf inventions. The writer’s list (in no particular order) follows: The Molded Golf Ball The Tee The Lawn Mower Steel Shafts Irrigation The Stymie The 14-Club Rule Golf Carts Television The Lob Wedge Perimeter Weighting Investment Casting Metal Woods Oversized Drivers Graphite Shafts We respectfully add some Sun Mountain inventions to this list: • The lightweight golf bag • The golf stand bag
best golf inventions circa 1980s, the Sun Mountain Eclipse is a notable golf invention, the first golf bag with built-in legs.
• The golf push cart
Best Golf Inventions In 1999, Sun Mountain brought its first golf push cart to the market.
• The dual strap golf bag For those who enjoy the intricacies of product engineering we could expand the list of golf inventions and include: • The reverse-oriented top • The Y-spring mechanism • The foot-activated leg system • The golf bag top with integrated handles • The golf travel bag with legs
Best Golf Inventions Sun Mountain ClubGlider is the first and only golf travel with legs that support all of the weight.
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