Golf Digest Names Pathfinder the Best Golf Push Cart – SunMountainSports

For the 2020 Golf Digest Editors’ Choice Awards, the Sun Mountain Pathfinder 4 was named the Best Golf Push Cart – four wheels. The editors’ said:

best golf push cart“Sun Mountain has been making pushcarts for 20 years, and it shows in the execution of its lines. The four-wheeled Pathfinder 4 was designed to make it easier to get your clubs in and out of the bag by making a steeper angle for the bag as it sits in the pushcart. With your bag sitting more upright, you can pull clubs out and put them back in without having to jam them around. When folded up, this cart measures 26x16x14 inches, making it easy to pack in your trunk. Weighing 17 pounds, it’s also light enough for anyone to lift. With bungee cords and an adjustable bracket, the Pathfinder 4 fits basically any size bag you have. The pushcart comes with a rangefinder holder, and you have the option to buy accessories—everything from cooler bags to umbrella holders.”

The full Golf Digest Best Push carts story can be found here.