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For the golfer in your life, a golf gift is a no-brainer, right? After all, what other sport or hobby has the plethora of gear that golf has? From clubs to balls, trinkets to trash, shirts to shoes, there is no shortage of golf-themed gifts. But hold on, can you really buy a new set of irons for someone else? Do you know his preference of golf balls? What kind of putter does she prefer: blade or mallet, belly or traditional?

Ok, so let’s scratch the idea of trying to buy clubs for someone else. And, don’t even think about buying someone else a wedge or a putter – way too individual.

But, there are a lot of other golf gifts that just require a bit of inside knowledge. For instance, golf balls. You may not know the preference, but it doesn’t take too much digging in someone’s bag to find the answer to that question.

Speaking of bags, that’s a fine gift idea. Golfers are always trying new drivers and putters and messing with set-up of long irons vs hybrids but sometimes the golf bag is ripe for the gift-giving pickin’.

To be the best gift giver ever, regardless of the category, requires some personal knowledge. Buying someone a golf bag is no different. Some things to know about the golfer you are buying for:

  • What percentage of time does he ride in a cart, push a cart, use a caddy, and walk?
  • Does she spend a lot of time on the practice range? How does she get from the parking lot to the range? Does she have to carry her bag a long way to get to the range?
  • Does he prefer individual club divider systems or not? Some clues to this answer can be found in other areas such as sock drawers and tool boxes. If every tool has a place and every tool is in its place – likely a good candidate for individual club dividers.
  • Does she like to carry everything but the kitchen sink on the course or is she a minimalist? For some clues here, look at her purse. If she carries a little clutch, go small and lightweight bag. If she has one of those enormous purses that you could fit a small dog in – go big!

In Sun Mountain’s line-up, bags include: riding-cart bags, walking-cart bags, cart bags with legs, stand bags with cart friendly features, super lightweight carry bags, and Sunday bags in both men’s and women’s styles.

Equipped with answers to the above questions and knowing the different categories of golf bags, you are ready to go to the golf shop, explain the habits and idiosyncrasies of the golfer you are buying for, and confidently purchase the ‘right’ bag.

Happy Shopping!

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