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Sun Mountain, the inventors of the first easily collapsible golf push cart, Speed Cart®, continues to update and improve its innovative designs.

Push carts offer an advanced alternative to the traditional pull cart by efficiently transferring energy from the natural walking position to the wheels, thereby reducing fatigue. Golf push carts take advantage of the forward momentum of walking and offer ergonomic handles that reduce the strain on golfers’ shoulder from reaching back for a traditional, two-wheeled pull cart. Further, golf push carts are much better at rolling straight down the fairway than pull carts that are often zigzagging and putting additional strain on the golfer’s shoulders.

Sun Mountain golf push carts currently include the three-wheeled Speed Cart and the four-wheeled Micro-Cart. Learn more here about Golf Push Carts vs. Pull Carts.

Micro-Cart is a four wheel walking cart that folds smaller and weighs less, tipping the scales at only 13 lbs. and folding down to 52 cubic inches. Micro-Cart’s small folded footprint and light weight make the cart easy to get in and out of a vehicle. Also, due to the patented four-wheel design, the cart has a low center of gravity which results in superior stability on the course. Micro-Cart folds and unfolds in two easy motions and comes standard with the E-Z Latch for hassle-free handle height adjustment.

New for 2013, Micro-Cart Sport adds some pizazz with a palate of eye-catching color combinations to include lime, pink, red and yellow. Micro-Cart and Micro-Cart Sport are available now with a retail price of $189.

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