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A writer from took the new Sun Mountain Reflex golf push cart out for a test drive and filed a nice report. This writer’s experience with other Sun Mountain push carts – Speed Cart, Micro-Cart and MC-3 – worked their way into this review, too, which makes it even more enlightening for the reader.

The primary purpose of a golf push cart is to carry the weight of the clubs and allow for an easy, ergonomic push around the course. Engineering the carts to be lightweight and fold up easily and compactly for transport to and from the course greatly enhanced the popularity of push carts. Looking like a piece of athletic equipment removed any possible stigma long-ago associated with the ole’ two-wheeled trolleys.

The writer of this review spent much of his review talking about the small folded size of the Reflex, the ease with which is opens and folds, and the stability of the cart on the course.

Here are some highlights of what the writer said:

Unfolding the cart is easy.

Folding the cart up is as easy as unfolding.

The front wheels have an alignment adjustment. This is an excellent feature that I wish shopping carts had.

The folding handles are a nice feature.

Fully loaded, the cart moves with ease over the bumpy terrain.

Sun Mountain also added a bag strap to the cart. This is new. It keeps the bag from bouncing in the lower section, which is a nice addition.

Because of the cart base width and low center of gravity, an umbrella will sit nicely in the holder without the cart tipping. This means no excuses for not golfing on rainy days!

The small folded size allows the Reflex to easily fit in any trunk.

And in conclusion:

This is a great new addition to the Sun Mountain line. Sun Mountain continues to innovate and improve their products and the Reflex shows this.

Read the full review here.

Sun Mountain Reflex Micro Cart folded sun mountain reflex micro cart open sun mountain reflex in trunk