Golfweek Interviews Sun Mountain Owner Rick Reimers – SunMountainSports

The March 15 issue of Golfweek Magazine includes an equipment focus on golf stand bags (Bags under 4 pounds: Light and functional) with an “Ask the Expert” interview with Sun Mountain Founder and Owner, Rick Reimers.

Q&A includes:

What should golfers know about stand-bag construction?

The best material is some sort of nylon. The cheaper bags may be made of polyester, but it’s not as durable in the long term. There are some pretty good vinyl’s we’ve experimented with, but they tend to be a heavier material and are better suited for cart bags, where weight is not as important.

What is the ideal weight for a bag that is carried by a golfer?

The goal would be around 2-1/2 pound, but it’s hard to get a bag all the way down there and still be durable enough. In my opinion, the best mix of features, durability and weight is about 3-1/2 pounds.

What are your thoughts about 14-way dividers, or sleeves, for golf clubs?

There are many golfers who want that kind of organization. The 14-way divider stand bag has really exploded in the last five years. The only negative factors are a little extra weight and some additional cost.

What innovations are you working on now?

Golf clubs are fat. Driver heads are huge, and they have gigantic headcovers. Putters are like waffle irons. We’ve taken out all of the skinny clubs, the long irons. Pretty soon you’re out of real estate. It gets to where you can’t find anything in the bag. We have some new design concepts that recognize this, and we hope to get to market by the end of the summer.