Hackers Paradise Reviews ClubGlider – SunMountainSports

Recently, Sun Mountain was featured on TheHackersParadise.com in a review of the Tour Series ClubGlider golf travel bag.


The reviewer first talks about the aesthetics of the golf travel bag saying, “Right out of the box the Tour Series version of the ClubGlider hits you with the look and the quality of the material which it is made from.” He goes on to say,” The vinyl actually gives it the immediate look that it can take a beating and keep on going. Everything on the bag including all of the straps and handles also possess very heavy duty stitching that make it evident the bag is designed to last.”

The writer then talks about the ease of use, saying, “While many travel bags have a variety of extra pads and straps internally to wrap around the bags to secure them, the Tour Series is much simpler. The clubs simply slide into the travel bag and the user zips them in, as the actual design of the bag in the upper portion is built specifically to protect the heads of the clubs within”.

The writer then goes on to talk about the extendable legs which set the ClubGlider golf travel bag apart from other travel bags, “Material-wise the stand is incredibly well built with heavy duty wheels on both sets of casters, which allow for pivoting in all directions while also supporting the entire weight of the bag”.

To end the article, the writer talks about the durability of the golf travel bag, “In a cross-country trek the Tour Series’ look of durability did not disappoint, as the bag held up and everything was just as it was when it was checked”. The last comment states that, “For anyone considering the investment of a bag that will protect some of their most prized possessions, the new Tour Series should certainly be high up on their list to check out”.

Sun Mountain is very grateful to TheHackersParadise.com for reviewing the Tour Series ClubGlider golf travel bag.

New for 2014, the ClubGlider Tour Series was designed to coordinate with our new Tour Series Cart Bag.

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