Headwind Windshirt is Unbelievably Lightweight – SunMountainSports

The Sun Mountain Headwind golf windshirt blocks wind and is so lightweight you might even forget you’re wearing it.

Headwind is a windproof microfiber pullover jacket with a stand-up comfort collar and hand warmer pockets. The exterior of the jacket is treated with a durable water repellent coating so a light rain simply beads up and rolls off.

To allow a customized fit, Headwind features shock cord adjustment at its lower hem as well as an adjustable cuff.

Headwind Long Sleeve, Short Sleeve and Women’s Headwind golf windshirt include an insert across the back and shoulders made from Sun Mountain’s proprietary waterproof RainFlex® fabric that stretches to allow a free and unrestricted swing.

Headwind Solo offers the same wind and drizzle protection as the other models without the stretchable shoulder insert.

Check out the Sun Mountain Headwind for ultra-lightweight protection from the wind.

To see all of the color options and to find your nearest retailer visit sunmountain.com.