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How to Pack A Golf Bag: Tips For All Players

Golf is a game that requires plenty of equipment, from clubs, balls and tees to gloves, towels and more. How you pack your golf bag can make a difference in your performance, comfort and overall convenience on the course. So what’s the best way to pack your golf club bag? It depends on your gameplay.

Depending on your preferences, needs and ultimate travel plans, you may choose different types of golf bags to suit your style of play. That’s why it’s important to know how to pack for anything and everything your itinerary throws at you.

Whether you need to tow a lot of gear or you’re trying to keep things simple and lightweight, there’s an optimal way to pack and ensure you’ve got everything you need, organized and ready to go.

Pack Lightweight With a Stand & Carry Bag

Sun Mountain 2024 2.5+Stand Bag in Cadet White color

Stand and carry bags are designed for golfers who prefer to walk the course and carry their own bag. They’re lightweight, compact,and have retractable legs that allow the bag to stand upright on the ground with ease. Stand golf bags usually have fewer pockets and less storage space than other types of bags, so you need to pack wisely and efficiently.

Here are some tips on how to pack a stand and carry bag:

  • Arrange your clubs in an ascending order based on club length, starting with the driver and woods in the top slot(s) and ending with the wedges and putter in the bottom slots, closest to the legs. This will help you find the right club quickly and easily without having to go searching and scraping for the right club.
  • Use headcovers for your woods and hybrids to protect them from scratches and dents as they move around the bag during your trek.
  • Make sure to pack only the essential accessories – think golf balls, tees, gloves and other must-have tools for an afternoon of golf. You don’t want to weigh yourself down or wear yourself out.
  • Use any available side pockets for dry, clean clothing, towels or rain gear.
  • Use the valuables pocket for your pricy valuables, such as your wallet, phone, keys and sunglasses. This helps you to keep an eye on them so they don’t end up lost or stolen.
  • If there’s a beverage pocket, use it to store your water bottle. You want to make sure you’re keeping the weight balanced and even.
  • Adjust the straps of your bag to fit your body comfortably – you have a lot of steps ahead of you.

A great example of a functional and lightweight stand and carry bag is the Sun Mountain 2.5+ Stand Bag. It’s one of the lightest bags on the market, weighing under three pounds. It has four full-length dividers for your clubs, six pockets for your accessories, an X-strap system for easy carrying and carbon fiber legs for stability. This is a bag that can go the distance – it’s easy to pack, carry and transport so you can spend more time focusing on your game, making it one of the best golf stand bags to show off on your next round.

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Fill Your Cart Bag With Extra Gear for Optimal Performance

Sun Mountain 2024 C-130 Cart Bag Navy Vector color

Another common golf bag option for men and women is the cart bag, built to be transported quickly and easily (and not on foot, for all of the cart lovers out there.)

Cart bags are designed for golfers who prefer to ride a cart or use a push cart on the course. They’re larger, heavier and much more spacious than traditional stand and carry bags. They have more pockets and compartments for your equipment and personal items, making them a great fit for golfers who like to have all the bells and whistles as they play. Cart bags usually have a non-slip base or a locking system that secures them to the cart.

Here are some tips on how to pack a cart bag:

  • If you are riding in a cart, arrange your clubs based on length starting with the driver and woods at the top (back) working down to the wedges and putter in the bottom (front) slots. This will make it easier to access your clubs from the cart as you hop on and off. 
  • Like you would when packing any golf bag, use headcovers for your bigger club heads to protect them from unwanted nicks and dents.
  • Pack plenty of accessories because you certainly have the space. You can fit items like your rangefinder, umbrella, first aid kit and additional accessories and essentials, especially if going to a course far from home or far from comfort.
  • Fill the side pockets with your extra clothing like jackets and pants. But with the added space, you can also bring a hat, a sweater or a change of socks, too.
  • Use the pockets on the inside of the bag to store valuables like jewelry and wallets so it’s hidden from view.
  • Use the insulated cooler pocket, if available, for your beverages and snacks. Keep them cold and fresh throughout your round without having to worry or lug around a separate cooler.
  • Attach any extra items that do not fit in your bag, such as a shoe bag, a club brush or even a towel clip, to the external loops or hooks on your bag.

When looking for a cart bag, an excellent option is the Sun Mountain C-130 cart bag. It’s  easily one of the most popular bags among cart users, weighing 6 pounds. It has 14 full-length dividers for your clubs, 13 pockets for your accessories, a smart strap system that attaches to the cart without twisting and a special, velour-lined pocket for your valuables. If you’re looking for the best cart golf bag, look no further.

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Go the Distance With an Organized Tour and Travel Bag

Sun Mountain Clubglider Tour Series Golf bag in the color black

As the name suggests, tour and travel bags are designed for golfers who travel by plane, train or car to play golf across the globe. They’re the largest, heaviest and ultimately most protective of all types of bags because they have to protect against anything and everything travel can throw at them. The padded cover encloses your golf bag and clubs, while the wheels and handles make for easy transportation.

These bags are designed to cover and protect your regular stand and carry or golf cart bag, but they have additional pockets and features that can beef up your game, so it’s important to pack accordingly.

Here are some tips on how to pack a tour/travel bag:

  • To start, use a regular golf bag, such as a stand and carry bag or a cart bag, to hold your clubs and accessories. Don’t pack them directly into the tour/travel bag.
  • If you can, detach the club heads from their shafts and place them back into their respective headcovers. This’ll reduce the risk of damage or breakage during transit.
  • The padded top protects club heads, but if you want extra protection wrap your club shafts with bubble wrap or towels to cushion them from impact – you never know if it could be a bumpy ride.
  • Fill any empty spaces in your golf bag with clothes, towels or other soft items to prevent your clubs from rattling or shifting.
  • Zip up your golf bag and secure it with a lock or a strap.
  • For extra safety and peace of mind, attach a luggage tag or a label with your name, address, phone number and flight information – you don’t want to spend all this time packing to lose it in transit.
  • Lastly, throw that bag on a scale to make sure it meets your travel requirements!

If you’re looking for a robust, rugged and versatile travel golf bag to look and feel like a pro, the Sun Mountain ClubGlider Tour Series golf bag. It’s one of the most durable and convenient bags for traveling golfers, weighing 13 pounds. It has a hard-tray bottom with two wheels at the base and two wheels that extend from the tray keeping your gear upright and easy to maneuver.  The wheels glide effortlessly over any surface.

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How to Choose the Best Bag for You

Choosing the best golf bag for you depends on several factors, such as:

  • Your style of play: Do you prefer to walk or ride the course? Do you play frequently or occasionally? Do you travel long distances or stay close to home?
  • Your budget: How much are you willing to spend on a golf bag? Do you want a high-quality bag that will last for years or a cheap bag that will do the job?
  • Your preferences: What features are important to you in a golf bag? Do you want a lot of pockets and compartments or just the essentials? Do you want a colorful and stylish bag or a simple and classic one?

Once you’ve decided on your own bag needs, packing just takes a bit of organized planning and patience. But it won’t be long until you’re swinging away.

Sun Mountain Makes Golf Packing a Breeze

Golf is a fun and rewarding sport that can be enjoyed by anyone, anywhere. However, all golfers know that it also requires a lot of equipment – and this gear absolutely needs to be packed and organized properly. 

By choosing the right type of golf bag and following some simple tips on how to pack it, you can improve your time on the course by limiting how much searching you have to do. Whether you use a golf stand bag, a cart bag or a travel bag, Sun Mountain has the perfect men’s and women’s golf bag for you.  Happy golfing!