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Golf is a versatile sport that can be played across all seasons, but sometimes, the elements can pose a frustrating challenge. 

Rain and wind can have a negative impact on your golf game in many ways. For starters, rain can make the course wet and slippery, affecting your grip, stance and swing. Wind can alter the direction and distance of your shots, making it harder to aim and control when it’s your turn to swing. Rain and wind can also lower your body temperature, causing you to shiver and lose focus, disruptions that’ll keep you from meeting performance milestones.

To overcome these unpredictable challenges, you need robust, waterproof golf jackets that are functional and flexible. But what does that mean?

You need golf jackets that are waterproof, windproof, breathable and stretchable. You need golf  jackets that are lightweight, comfortable and stylish. You need golf jackets that are durable, easy to care for and long-lasting.

You need Sun Mountain golf jackets.

Our men’s and women’s golf jackets are made with advanced fabrics and technologies that repel water, block wind, breathe well and stretch with your movements to keep you moving with ease on the course. Our Sun Mountain rain and wind golf outerwear is also made with quality craftsmanship and attention to detail, ensuring that they’ll last years and across all seasons.

Whether you need a lightweight layer for a drizzle or a heavy-duty shield for a downpour, Sun Mountain has you covered with the best golf rain jackets and windproof outerwear.


The Rain Collection: Stay Dry in Style

Sun Mountain’s rain collection features water and windproof golf jackets that are made with advanced fabrics and technologies that keep you cool and dry despite whatever the weather throws at you. 

Here are some styles to help you out the next time the skies open up.


Cirque Jacket

Cirque Jacket BLACK

If you’re looking for the best rain jackets for your next golf excursion, you should check out the Cirque Jacket – a premium rain jacket that features a 3-layer waterproof fabric with mechanical stretch and a soft feel. 

The Cirque Jacket is a rain jacket that is made for golfers who want to stay dry and comfortable in any weather. It uses a smart fabric that adjusts to your body temperature and humidity. This means the jacket can keep you warm when it’s cold and cool when it’s hot and also prevent you from sweating too much or feeling clammy.

It also has a high waterproof and breathability rating so it can block a lot of water from getting in, but also let a lot of air and moisture out. 

During your game, you can also expect helpful, hearty waterproof zippers and pockets so you can store valuables with ease and rest assured you’ll stay dry underneath your layers.

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Stratus LS Pullover

Stratus LS Pullover NAVY-WHITE-RED

Another excellent rain jacket is the Stratus LS Pullover, which is a lightweight and packable rain jacket that features a 2.5-layer waterproof fabric and 4-way stretch.

The Stratus LS Pullover is a pullover-style rain jacket that is made for golfers who want to stay dry and comfortable in hot and humid weather. If you prefer a full-zip, the Stratus jacket is a comfortable and sporty outerwear piece. 

The jacket has two layers of fabric that work together to keep you protected from rain and wind, while also letting your skin breathe and your body move. 

Wearers can enjoy mechanical stretch for improved comfortability and stretchability, as well as a 2-year waterproof warranty with this golf jacket.

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The Wind Collection: Block the Breeze without Adding Bulk

But we don’t just stop there – we also have a wide array of wind jackets to keep you from feeling the harsh breezes on an important golf day.

Our wind collection features some of the best golf jackets for windy days that are made with lightweight fabrics that resist wind and water, while still allowing air flow and moisture wicking benefits. Let’s explore some of our favorites.


Colter II Hooded Jacket


One of our best and most popular wind jackets is the Colter II LS Pullover, which is a lightweight and breathable jacket that features a 4-way stretch fabric and a DWR finish. The Colter II LS Pullover has a zip-through collar and a chest pocket for convenience and an adjustable hem for a custom fit. This wind-friendly zip-up is ideal for mild to moderate wind conditions and can be worn as a layering piece or on its own.

This jacket has three layers of fabric, using patented 37.5® premium insulation that work together to keep you insulated from the wind, while also letting your skin breathe and your body move. Don’t let a breezy day set you back ever again.

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Women’s Summit LT Jacket

Women’s Summit LT Jacket NILE

Another great wind jacket to add to your golf closet is the Women’s Summit LT Jacket. This versatile and stylish jacket features a 3-layer construction and a DWR finish like others in the wind collection. 

The Women’s Summit LT Jacket has a full-zip front and zippered hand pockets for comfort and an adjustable hood and cuffs for extra protection. The Women’s Summit LT Jacket is perfect for moderate to strong wind conditions and can be paired with any outfit thanks to its lightweight nature and advanced Zamba Light fabric.

Stay warm, comfortable and cozy regardless of conditions.

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Sun Mountain: A Trusted Name in Golf Outerwear

Our jackets are designed by golfers for golfers, with features that enhance your game and your comfort. Whether you need protection from rain or wind, Sun Mountain has the right jacket for you.

If you’re looking for the best golf jacket for rainy and windy conditions, look no further than our Rain and Wind collections. Like we keep saying, don’t let the weather stop you from enjoying your favorite sport. With Sun Mountain’s weatherproof golf jackets, you can golf in the rain and wind with confidence and ease — no rain checks this time. 

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