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Sun Mountain has been headquartered in the mountains of Missoula, Montana since the mid-80’s. When you live in the mountains, layering clothes is a foregone conclusion. I suppose maybe like applying sunscreen if you live by the beach. It’s so commonplace maybe we haven’t talked about it as much as we should. But rest assured, layering apparel on the golf course has always been part of the discussion at Sun Mountain.

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To this end, our outerwear is classified as ‘rainwear’, ‘windwear’, ‘thermalwear’, and ‘accessories’ (hats, mittens, ear warmers, etc)

ThermalFlex, as you might guess from the name, falls into our ‘Thermalwear’ category.

With spring golf right around the corner and with the winter-like weather still holding on in much of the country, a good thermal layer might be the answer to a comfortable round of golf.

ThermalFlex is the ideal replacement for a fleece jacket or a sweater, offering warmth plus the performance benefits of four-way stretch on the golf course and a nice technical-look off the course.

ThermalFlex can be worn on its own over a shirt when all that is needed is extra warmth or can be a middle layer under a golf rain jacket or wind jacket.

Men’s ThermalFlex is a pullover with a long-zipper for easy on and off. Women’s ThermalFlex is a full-zip jacket. Men’s and women’s ThermalFlex are available in a multitude of colors.

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