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This is the second installment in a series on walking the golf course. In the first article we address things TO do when walking the golf course. In this article we’ll address what NOT to do.

One golf ball doesn’t feel like much weight. Put a dozen or so in a bag and let it dangle from your shoulder for 4+ hours and that weight starts to add up. Help yourself out, take the number of balls you think you might need in that round, and leave the rest of the balls in your car trunk or locker.

That same logical applies to tees. One tee doesn’t weigh much. Heck, a handful of tees doesn’t weigh that much. But, ounces add up to pounds and when you are carrying it across 5 + miles, it all has an impact. So, grab a handful of tees and leave the rest in the car.

How many golf gloves will you wear in a round of 18 – one, maybe two if you’re really sweating or if it’s raining? So, why do you carry around all of those old, dried up gloves you haven’t worn for two years?

Ok, how about ball mark repair tools. How many will you use in a round? Leave one in the bag and ditch the rest of them. Come on, it’s just clutter and out of sight is out of mind, so the stuff piles up in your golf bag pockets and the weight adds up.

Do you really use that go-go-gadget ball retriever tool? Does the course you’re playing today even have water on it? Be selective when you carry this sort of accessory. Is rain imminent? Do you need an umbrella AND a rain suit?

Did you use alignment sticks on the range? Are they in your bag now? Get rid of them.

How many clubs are you carrying? Do you really need two drivers? How about that fourth wedge?

Sometimes the wisest approach is to totally empty your bag at the beginning of every season and then only add in the items you will need that day, for that round. You’re bound to collect some extra stuff throughout the season. We all do. But at least you can do the big purge periodically. You’ll be amazed how good it feels to lighten your load by a couple of pounds.

Enjoy the walk!

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