Why Use a Golf Travel Bag? – SunMountainSports

Once the golf destination has been selected, the rooms booked and the tee times arranged; it’s time to figure out what and how to pack for the golf trip.

Some of the options include: using rental clubs, shipping your clubs ahead of you, or checking your golf travel bag with you on the plane.

If you’re traveling on business, for instance, and just hope to sneak in one round, rental clubs might suffice. But for most golfers, golf is hard enough without having to figure out a different set of clubs. Shipping clubs is a viable option. So is shipping your clothes but we never do that, do we? There’s a sense of security that comes with packing your bags and taking to the airport and putting them on the plane with you and then having them immediately upon arrival.

Now that you’ve decided using a golf travel bag is the best option. What is the best travel cover?

best golf travel bag

Here are the words of some folks who travel and golf for a living:

“……Unlike other golf inventions, which may promise to shave a stroke or two off your game, the (Sun Mountain) ClubGlider actually improves your life. I often travel by air and have lugged my golf bag to all points in the US and many abroad. While I love playing new courses, I dread struggling with transporting my golf clubs on long walks in and around airports. No matter how lightly I pack my golf travel bag, the strain on my forearm, shoulders, and back in bending over, lifting, and dragging my bag and all begins to take its toll long before I even arrive at my destination or hit a shot. No more, my days of drudgery are over with Sun Mountain’s ClubGlider to the rescue.” — Bob Fagan, World’s Best Golf Destinations

“Anyone who flies to play golf, even just once or twice a year, will greatly appreciate a high quality travel bag…. I fly for golf more than a dozen times a year, and I’ve tried just about every top brand on the market, and for years I have used the ClubGlider from Sun Mountain…..ClubGlider keeps its major advantage, the unique innovation of retractable legs with wheels….This is especially great in airport check-in lines when everyone else is kicking or dragging their bag a few feet each time the line moves.” — Larry Omsted, Forbes

“When we think of the ideal travel case, we think about size: big enough to fit our clubs, shoes, raingear, and maybe an extra sweater or two—but not so big that the clubs are moving around. Sun Mountain’s ClubGlider Meridian nails that balance. We also think about durability. Your travel bag takes a beating when you fly. You need something that’s going to survive that experience and keep your clubs safe. The final thing we’re looking for in our travel cases is maneuverability. That’s where the legs of the Sun Mountain ClubGlider Meridian come in. Pull out the legs to make your bag feel like nothing when you’re wheeling it around, and then retract the legs when it’s time for your bag to board.” — Golf Digest

Sun Mountain ClubGlider is the only golf travel bag that has extendable legs and wheels to support 100% of the weight, while eliminating the repeated bending and lifting required with traditional travel bags. ClubGlider is available in four different models – Pro, Tour Series, Meridian, and Journey – offering protection for golfers ranging from weekend warriors to touring professionals.

ClubGlider glides from parking lot to luggage counter thanks to legs that extend and support 100% of the weight and pivoting caster wheels that handle corners and curbs with ease. Once checked-in, the legs easily tuck away securely for carefree travel. ClubGlider offers all of the protection and storage space of a traditional golf travel bag while eliminating the heavy lifting and the need to bend over to pick up and set down every time the check-in line moves three feet.