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Sun Mountain Golf Push Cart Makes Walking Easier

Mike Bailey of recently posted a story about his first-hand experience using a Sun Mountain Speed Cart SV1 golf push cart.

In the article, Mike asserts, “The best part about using the SV1, however, is that it brings golf back to its roots. Being able to walk from the tee directly to the fairway and the green is the way golf was meant to be played — not from the sides of the course and the cart path.”

In the article, Mike harkens back to times gone by when he says, “There was a time that good players, when walking, carried their bags. Only hackers used hand carts. But these days, at any amateur tournament where golfers are required to walk, it’s not uncommon to see as many players with push carts as there are players carrying their bags.”

We agree. The days of the pull cart being viewed as a therapeutic device are in the past. The modern three and four-wheeled golf push carts look like and perform like high-performance athletic equipment. There is no stigma associated with using a pushcart, only easy walking directly to your ball without detouring to the cart path.

Mike closes with this statement, “If you play golf, and you’re physically able to walk, you owe to yourself to get a good push cart, and the SV1 is as good as any on the market.”

Happy Walking!