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The editors at Golf Digest recently wrote a story about the best golf bag for women. The article said:

When it comes to finding the perfect golf bag for women, there are a lot of factors to consider. Do you want a bag that’s ultra-lightweight and easy to carry? A bag with enough storage that you could live out of it? Stand bags, cart bags, fabric, leather—the options are endless. What is certain is, if your bag is leaving dents in your shoulders, won’t stand up on its legs, or looks like it has seen better days, it’s probably time for an upgrade. To help you navigate the world of women’s golf bag options, we polled some of the female golfers on staff to find out some of their


Specific to Sun Mountain, the story said:

“For as long as I’ve been playing golf, I’ve almost always used Sun Mountain bags, so when I recently went to purchase a new bag, it was an easy place to start my search. As a golfer who typically walks the course, I love having the backpack-style straps and a lightweight bag. Some of the older bags I’ve used would leave red marks on my shoulders by the end of the round, but Sun Mountain added extra cushion to the shoulder straps to avoid that in the recent models. It’s definitely in the compact golf bag category, but don’t underestimate the storage compartments. I’ve never had an issue finding a place to store extra layers or whatever else I need out on the course with this golf bag.”


Interestingly, and not totally unusual, the bag the magazine chose is not specifically a women’s bag. Some women play with the same length clubs traditionally thought of as “men’s”. For those who use shorter clubs, the Sun Mountain ladies’ bags are shorter to better accommodate. And the color patterns and options offer some more “feminine” choices.


Women’s stand golf bag options include the 2.5+ and 3.5LS 14-way.

Women’s stand golf bag


Women’s cart golf bag options include the Diva, Sync and Stellar.

Women’s cart golf bag


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