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Are you an avid golfer who loves to hit the course no matter the season, rain or shine? Due to golf being a year-round sport, there has to be a variety of apparel to accommodate the changing temperatures and seasons. That means the one essential thing you need to keep cool or warm is a golf jacket.

With the seasons about to change and summer coming to an end, there's no better time to be prepared for the colder seasons ahead by expanding your wardrobe to stay comfortable in the colder weather. 

To help you find the right fit for the season, we’ve taken the time to highlight the features and benefits our golf jackets provide so you can golf comfortably.

But before we get into that, let's discuss what the most important part of a golf jacket is.

Selecting the Right Jacket for Your Day

A golf jacket is a versatile piece of outerwear because of the material it's made of. Each jacket is made with specific parameters and provisions to work with your body and climate. For example, cold climate jackets are made to retain body heat and reduce sweating and moisture build-up.

Golf jackets can help you stay warm, dry, and comfortable while you’re playing – they’re built precisely to function as you move and help you keep your head in the game and focused on your next swing. Golf jackets also help to prevent you from getting sick or injured from exposure to the frigid cold, harsh rain, or wind. 

The technicals aside, you want to look good and fashionable in what you wear.  Golf jackets can improve your confidence and style by giving you a professional and fashionable look to play your next game. That’s why we’ve done the homework for you and put together a list of some of our most popular golf jackets for every season and weather condition.

The Best Golf Jackets for the Fall Season

The fall season is a finicky time of the year with constantly changing weather. Some days can be cold and rainy, others can be hot and humid. Overall, it's a difficult season to choose a singular outfit to be comfortable in throughout the entire season. 

The Best Fall Golf Jackets for Men and Women


When playing golf in the fall season, you want a golf jacket that is light, breathable, moisture resistant, and prevents overheating all in one. You never know what the weather for the fall season can throw your way.

For both women’s golf jackets and men’s golf jackets, our favorite piece of outerwear is the Tour Series+ Jacket; this lightweight rainwear jacket is designed with 37.5 ® technical fabric to accelerate vapor movements, prevent moisture build-up, and prevent overheating. The Tour Series+ Jacket fabric is a highly breathable material with 4-way stretch which allows for a full range of motion to help you swing freely and confidently. The Tour Series+ is a long-sleeved rainproof golf jacket with a waterproof, full, two-way front zipper with a stand-up collar, adjustable waist, and an adjustable cuff so you can play freely while ignoring the most extreme conditions. 

The jacket comes in various colors and sizes and has a classic, athletic look that will make you look like a seasoned veteran on the course. Whether you’re playing a casual round with friends or competing in a tournament, the Tour Series+ will offer you protection from the elements and keep you focused on your game. 

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Women’s Tour Series Jacket

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The Best Golf Jackets for the Winter Season

Once the fall season comes to an end, it’s time for the cold months of winter to settle in. Layering is important for these cold days on the course.  An outer layer with premium insulation is best to protect your body from getting too chilled. Whether the climate is cool, cold, or frigid, we have a layer that will work best for you and your golf game.


The Best Winter Golf Jackets for Men


When playing golf during the coldest season of the year, you want a golf jacket that keeps you warm, well insulated and safe from the elements. But equally as important, you need a golf jacket that remains lightweight and doesn’t inhibit your ability to play the game.

For winter golf jackets, we strongly recommend the Trapper Jacket, the best golf jacket for snow and cold winds. Designed for cold weather with cutting-edge technology, the Trapper Jacket can keep you warm while allowing you the freedom to play your next round without limitations. The Trapper Jacket is the most playable insulated jacket on the market due to its 4-way stretch properties that allow a full range of movement. Designed also to be a highly water-resistant and windproof golf jacket, the Trapper Jacket works to maintain an ideal core temperature to help you perform better in the cold season and play longer. 

This golf jacket comes in black and navy blue with zippered hand-warmer pockets and a zip-through collar with a chin guard to keep your face warm on cold, blustery days making it one of the best golf jackets for the cold weather. Whether for leisure or competitive play, the Trapper Jacket will keep you warm and comfortable while you golf in comfort during the winter season. 

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The Best Winter Golf Jackets for Women

Women’s Colter II Jacket

Regardless of the fluctuating daily temperatures during the winter season, the one fact that remains is that the air is cold, and the longer you’re outside, the colder it feels. Whether it's for casual or competitive play, a 9 or 18-hole game, or just hitting the driving range and putting greens, you want a golf jacket that can keep you warm for extended play. 

That’s why, for women’s golf jackets for the winter season, our personal favorite is the Women’s Colter II Jacket. Our top-selling insulated jacket not only keeps you warm during the cold season but allows for an unrestricted golf swing, keeping you in the game. With insulated panels to keep your core comfortable and strategically placed stretch panels that provide freedom of movement, the Colter II Jacket is designed to be a lightweight, comfortable, multi-use winter golf jacket that keeps you warm without being bulky. 

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The Best Golf Jackets for the Spring Season

As spring approaches and the climate adjusts, you will want to protect yourself from the cool, rainy weather. Similar to the fall season, it’s best to be prepared for varied weather and afternoon rain with a golf jacket built to handle the season and provide the same care to keep you at peak performance for your game, rain or shine. 


The Best Spring Golf Jackets for Men

Rainflex Elite LS Pullover

For the spring season, it’s best to always come prepared with a golf rain jacket, or in this case, a trendy, casual golf pullover jacket. Unlike standard rain jackets that feel like they retain heat and humidity, golf rain jackets are designed with breathability and play in mind. Spring golf jackets also have to be the best waterproof golf jackets to handle the season.

This is why we recommend the Rainflex Elite LS Pullover for Sun Mountain golf rain jackets. This trendy, casual pullover is stylish for the spring season and designed to be waterproof and breathable to weather the rain, humidity and hotter weather that make up the spring season, making it our best golf jacket for the rain. 

The Rainflex Elite LS Pullover features 4-way stretch fabric for enhanced mobility as you play through your rounds and is designed with comfort in mind, so you don’t have to worry about the hotter spring days and golf with peace of mind. On the off-chance that the spring rain happens to be on the cooler end of the spectrum, the Rainflex Elite boasts zippered hand-warmer pockets to keep you focused on your next stroke. 

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The Best Spring Golf Jackets for Women

Women’s Rainflex Jacket

The spring season typically can be associated with a rainy season, depending on where you decide to take your golf game. That’s why your golf jacket should accommodate whenever the weather decides to take a turn.

For these purposes, our favorite spring golf jacket is the Women’s Rainflex Jacket. The rain no longer has to ruin your game with this waterproof golf jacket that features 4-way stretch fabric that maintains your golf performance, allowing you to swing freely and confidently. The Women’s Rainflex Jacket is ideal for variable conditions and overall comfort, made with breathable material to tackle the warmer days and hand warmer pockets to weather the cooler early spring weather.

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The Best Golf Jackets for the Summer Season

Finally, we have summer, arguably the best season for hitting the course. This is the time of year we look forward to the most, but also the hottest season, where comfort is all about staying cool rather than trying to keep warm. It's a tricky balance, but you’ll find that the summer golf jackets we have to recommend can do precisely that: keep you cool in the warmer weather. 


The Best Summer Golf Jackets for Men and Women

For the summer season, there's no better summer golf jacket for both men and women than the Sun Mountain Stratus Jackets. Designed for play in more humid climates, this is the best golf jacket for hot weather and is perfect for any climate when it’s warm outside. Even in drier climates, the Stratus Jacket is made with lightweight fabric and a mechanical stretch for freedom of movement to maintain your focus in the hot heat and let you play without restraint.

The Stratus Jacket is also waterproof for the summer rains and boasts a high breathable rating with front and back vents, so you don’t have to worry about the icky discomfort of sweat and moisture build-up as you focus on improving your game or winning that next tournament. For additional rain coverage or if you need to block off the sun’s direct rays, the Stratus Jacket also has a packable hood for those occasions. No matter where you go or the occasion, the Stratus Jacket lets you golf in comfort.

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Women’s Stratus Jacket

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Choose Sun Mountain for the High-Quality and Versatile Seasonal Wear

Choosing the best golf jacket for each season and weather condition can be challenging, but it can also be rewarding when you find the one that’s best for you. As you consider the features and benefits of each golf jacket for each season from Sun Mountain, you can find the perfect one for your weather conditions and style. 

Sun Mountain has you covered whether you need a light, breathable jacket for the summer season, a cozy, insulated jacket for the winter season, a waterproof, seam-sealed jacket for wet weather and the spring season, or a windproof, packable jacket for windy weather and the fall season, you can find the one that is right for you. Even in circumstances where you need a durable, versatile, and adaptable jacket for changing weather, Sun Mountain has an extensive catalog where you can shop for all of these features and more. In Sun Mountain outerwear, style and function keep you comfortable and fashionable in any climate. You can hit the course with confidence that you’ll be protected from the weather and look good hitting your next stroke.