Sun Mountain H2NO Lite waterproof golf bag review by the UK’s Golf A Lot

Jamie Kennedy of wrote a quite thorough review of the Sun Mountain H2NO Lite waterproof golf bag.

In his review Jamie said, “In foreign climates rain can be harsh and short lived, however in the UK it is typically more gentle and longer lasting. I often find myself starting, playing and finishing a round in the rain. Being able to keep your clubs, your gear and your valuables dry on days like that is a nice luxury to have. Just ask anyone who has tried to pay for a 19th hole drink, wearing a rain-soaked sweater, with a soggy £10 note!”

Jamie continues, saying, “Having used the H2NO Lite in light rain, it was clear to see the protection it offered. The zips felt very secure and water-tight and unlike other bags, there are no open pockets or pouches that could potentially hold water. The hood, provided with the bag, was easy to attach using a couple of velcro straps and helped keep my clubs dry for the remainder of the round.”

In closing the waterproof golf bag review, he writes, “Overall, I enjoyed my time playing with the Sun Mountain H2NO Lite. In the words of a famous UK TV advert “it does exactly what it says on the tin”. It is lightweight, comfortable and waterproof….From my experience I doubt any new owner will be disappointed with what they get with the H2NO Lite.”

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