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David Owen’s My Usual Game Blog shared a great story titled Mardi Gras Report: Golf Solves a Beer Problem

The story is about our four wheeled Sun Mountain Micro-Cart golf push cart being called into service as a cooler-hauler for Mardi Gras.


Matt Manco wrote this to My Usual Game:

Second only to bathroom proximity, the main concern of Mardi Gras planning is how to get drinks to the parade. This year, our answer was my Sun Mountain Micro-Cart (thanks for the recommendation), which has been taking up space in my office while I recover from a herniated disc.”

Manco continued, “We were surprised that the Micro-Cart maintained most of its agility, despite the extra weight and the altered center of gravity….We saw several people pulling beer in red wagons, but none of those had cup holders, umbrella holders, koozie pockets, or handbrakes, so we’ll keep the Micro-Cart in action for another year.”

We designed the Micro-Cart to easily haul a loaded golf bag around the course and to fold up super small for storage and transport. No doubt we took sturdy frame design and low center of gravity into consideration. We definitely added in features such as drink holders, umbrella holders and hand-brakes. We never imagined all of those features would be put to use as a cooler carrier at Mardi Gras. We are, however, a company founded on innovation and in that vein we applaud Matt’s innovative use of our golf push cart turned beer hauler.

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