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If you have a golfer on your list this year, you are in luck! Why? Because the hardest part of buying a gift for someone is thinking of something that person needs. How many times have you lamented about having to buy a golf gift for the proverbial person who has everything. Well, of all of the esteemed qualities of golfers (self governing, good sports, sharp dressers, …) feeling that he or she has ‘everything’ is NOT one of them.

The challenge for you now is finding an appropriate holiday golf gift, that is, a golf item that is okay to be gifted. Right away, that pretty much eliminates anything that has options and variables – stiff vs regular, mallet vs blade, distance vs feel, and on and on.

Again, though, you are in luck because there are so many potential golf gift ideas that the eliminating the ‘can’t buy for someone else’ items is simply narrowing the field and making your job easier.

You know if the golfer in your life has a golf travel bag, a tattered rain jacket or a golf bag straight out of Caddyshack. These are all areas ripe for gift giving.

With that in mind, here are some quick Holiday Golf Gift Ideas:

1ClubGlider golf travel bag – golf travel bags have come a long way in the last few years with the retractable wheels of the ClubGlider being the top of the class. Thanks to legs that support 100% of the weight of the bag and clubs and wheels that roll effortlessly, ClubGlider can literally be moved along with only the effort of one finger. Models for 2013 include Pro, Meridian and Journey. View all Clubglider Golf Travel Bags

2RainFlex rain jacket – If the golfer in your life plays when it’s breezy, plays in the morning chill, and isn’t deterred by a few dark clouds and sprinkles, a RainFlex jacket will be a fine addition to the wardrobe. Quiet, flexible, lightweight and still waterproof and breathable, RainFlex comes in a variety of styles and colors for women and men alike. View all Golf Outerwear

34.5 LS 14-way golf bag – if you know if the golfer you are buying for walks all of the time or rides in a cart all of the time, opt for a lightweight stand bag or a cart bag. But, if you don’t know for sure, or if you know he or she walks some and rides some, you can’t go wrong with the 4.5. The 4.5 is a stand bag with the individual club dividers more commonly associated with a cart bag while still weighing only 5.2 lbs. View 4.5 LS.

See how easy buying golf gifts can be?!

And, if you want more ideas just go to and check out the entire line of golf bags, golf outerwear, and golf push carts or find a Retailer Near You.

Happy Holidays!