Lightweight Series Golf Bags Offer Something for Everyone – SunMountainSports

Sun Mountain Lightweight Series (LS) golf stand bags offer a full range of features and options to please the individual golfer’s preferences. Bags include the minimalist’s 2.5+ that weighs under three pounds, 3.5LS, and 4.5LS. With each progressively larger number comes additional pockets and features.



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The Sun Mountain 2.5+ is the lightest, full-featured golf bag weighing in under three pounds. Sun Mountain reduced weight by using carbon-fiber legs, high strength-to-weight plastics, and ultra-lightweight and durable fabrics. Options within the 2.5+ line include the 2.5+ with a 4-way top, 2.5+ 14-way, 2.5+ single strap, and Women’s 2.5+.

The 3.5LS golf bag weighs less than four pounds and is designed for the golfer who likes an ultra-lightweight bag but wants a few more features. Like the 2.5+, the 3.5LS is constructed with lightweight nylon fabric, high-strength-to-weight plastic, and carbon fiber legs. Added features include a thicker shoulder strap, a more cushioned hip pad, and more pockets. 3.5 options include the 3.5LS with 4-way top, 3.5 Zero-G with hip belt, 3.5 single strap, and Women’s 3.5LS.

The 4.5LS golf bag is a lightweight, mid-sized stand bag. Weighing under five pounds and incorporating the E-Z Fit Dual Strap System, the 4.5LS is built for carrying and has numerous cart-friendly features. Cart-friendly features include a cart strap pass-through that runs behind the clothing pocket so the bag can be secured to a cart without blocking pocket access, a leg lock system to keep the legs firmly in place while the bag is carted, and a cart-friendly bottom. Current 4.5 styles include the 4.5LS with a 4-way top, 4.5LS 14-way, and 4.5LS 14-way Supercharged with a built-in portable power bank to power and recharge electronics.