Best-Selling C-130 Golf Cart Bag Keeps Getting Better – SunMountainSports

C-130 continues as Sun Mountain’s best-selling golf cart bag. C-130 offers an abundance of pocket space and golfer-friendly features that have kept it in the top spot for 10+ years plus some newer features such as Smart Straps that offer a new way to secure the bag to a golf cart, more velour-lined valuable pockets, and an easy-access range finder pocket.

C-130 Golf Cart Bag

What helped the C-130 become the best-selling golf cart bag is being designed to work optimally on a riding cart. All pockets and zippers are accessible when the bag is on a cart and the reverse oriented top positions the short irons in the front and driver and woods in the back, so you don’t need to reach over a driver to get to a wedge.

What has kept the C-130 at the top is continual improvement. The Smart Strap system offering two Velcro® straps to secure the bag to the cart and eliminate the need for the traditional cart strap. The challenge with the traditional cart strap is that, if left too loose, the bag can twist sideways and if tightened too tight, the strap can restrict club access. The Smart Straps will keep the bag from twisting while still offering full and easy club and pocket access.

C-130 Golf Cart Bag Smart Strap

Also new is a range finder pocket positioned at the top of the bag for easy access and multiple velour-lined valuables pockets, one offering protection from rain.

By the numbers, C-130 offers a 10.5” diameter, 14-way top with full-length individual club-dividers plus an integrated putter well. For pockets, C-130 offers apparel pockets; a ventilated cooler pocket; rangefinder pocket with magnetic closure; and multiple velour-lined pockets, one of which is water-resistant; plus several ball and accessories pockets. Other cart-friendly features on the C-130 include handles integrated into the top that offer multiple hand-holds for picking the bag up to take on and off of the cart.

Additional C-130 models include the C-130S Stand Bag offering the perfect solution for the cart-golfer who likes to have a stand-bag for the practice range. C-130 5-Way offers a five-way divided top instead of the standard 14-way top. C-130 Supercharged includes a built-in USB port and power pack to recharge phone, GPS devices, and other electronics.