Plugged-In Golf H2NO Review – SunMountainSports
The folks at Plugged-In Golf conducted a VERY thorough test of the Sun Mountain H2NO waterproof golf bag. Sun-Mountain-H2No-5 (We do not suggest you try this at home. These are trained professionals on a closed track.) And we passed …. with flying colors! The review covers ‘style’, ‘quality’, and ‘design & performance’ and concludes with a video of a waterproof test no golf bag should have to live through. I mean, come on, do you know how much more fine and how much more pressure is behind a hose from 12” than from a rain storm? This test is like running the bag through a hurricane. And then he dumps the whole bag in a pool! We did not design the H2NO to withstand a temper-induced throw into the water hazard. But, alas, the bag passed the test. Whew! If the H2NO golf bag can withstand this test, it can surely handle any rainstorm you’re willing to play through on the course. You can read and watch the full review at this link – Here, you can see the entire collection of Sun Mountain Waterproof Golf Bags.