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Two Sun Mountain products, the Superlight 3.5 and the ClubGlider, were recently featured in a blog post by Larry Olmsted on outlining the “Best Gear for the Traveling Golfer”.

As stated by Olmsted,

“…over many years, Sun Mountain has earned my respect for innovation, consistent leader of the pack quality, and most of all durability.”

Larry Olmsted is well-known for being one of the world’s leading experts on golf travel and courses and has a great deal of knowledge about the best golf products on the market. Like he mentioned in his blog post, “I can tell you what gear to buy, especially for traveling, because I am a professional golf traveler. I’ve been writing about golf travel for more than 15 years and have logged millions of miles, played on every inhabited continent, and along the way, tested, purchased, cursed, praised, and broken lots of golf stuff.”

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The result of 25 years of stand bag evolution – The Sun Mountain Superlight 3.5

Olmstead goes on to say, “After lugging more golf bags than I can remember around the world, Sun Mountain is my favorite brand – and I would buy nothing else.”

Looking for the best golf bag around? Larry Olmsted recommends the Sun Mountain Superlight 3.5.

In short, I’ve used a lot of bags over the years, and now I am back to where it all began, with a Sun Mountain Superlight 3.5. That means it weighs three and a half pounds, about the lightest full-featured bag (lots of pockets, holds a full set of clubs) on the market. This weight is important if you are walking, which I do and you should. Yet it is super strong, super comfy, super everything.”

Thinking of buying a new golf travel bag? Here’s what Olmsted had to say about the Sun Mountain ClubGlider:

best gear for the traveling golfer, best golf bag, golf travel bag

“… two years ago I switched to Sun Mountain’s ClubGlider, mainly because I have been so impressed with their carry bags…. This model does three things very well that address all my concerns: it stays balanced while rolling, it is much, much easier to load and unload thanks to a zipper that goes all the way around the head of the clubs so it opens more like a book, and it has an awesome set of retractable legs that make it into a four wheeler. These can be used if you ever have to go longer distances, like between terminals, but it also means that when you are in line at the airport, instead of either kicking your bag every time the line moves three feet, or bending down and pulling it, you simply push it along like a luggage cart. Believe me, people stare in jealousy when I do this and ask about it.”