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Golf Fitness: Improve your health and your golf game; walk the course with Sun Mountain golf push carts

Numerous studies over the years have documented the health benefits of walking the golf course. Now more than ever, people are realizing that one need not sign up for an ‘exercise’ class to get in shape. The golf game itself can indeed be the exercise class.

A recent study on golf fitness found that walking a round of golf offers the same benefits as a step-aerobics class. Another study documents that 2 rounds of golf per week puts one over the 2,500 calories burned per week goal/threshold.

Sun Mountain’s golf products are designed to make walking the course easier today than ever before, allowing you to reap the full health benefits of playing golf.

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Sun Mountain lightweight golf bags are the result of 25 years of stand bag evolution

For those who prefer to carry their clubs, our lightweight golf bags drastically reduce the effort required to carry your clubs around the course. With dual shoulder straps for extra comfort and support, our golf bags are carefully-designed to help minimize strain on your fitness, golf push carts, lightweight golf bags

For those who want to walk the course but would prefer not to carry their clubs, we make a variety of easy-to-use golf push carts that will carry the load for you, all you need to do is simply push it along. This way, you can relax and enjoy walking the course while our golf push carts do the heavy lifting.

Sun Mountain products make it easy for you to get the exercise your body needs without having to sign up for an exercise class or drastically change your lifestyle. This golf season make a commitment to improve your golf fitness and your golf game – walk the golf course with a Sun Mountain lightweight golf bag or golf push cart.