How to Dress for Winter Golf – SunMountainSports

When the weather outside is frightful, knowing how to dress for winter golf can be delightful.

Key ingredients of winter golf clothing are:

  • golf thermal layer to keep you warm
  • golf wind breaker to block the wind
  • waterproof golf rain jacket to keep you dry
  • winter golf gloves to keep your hands warm
  • warm hat or ear warmers for your head
  • freedom of movement needed to swing a golf club

Layering the proper clothing is key to any sports activity in the winter including golf.

warm golf thermal jacket

The base layer can be any golf shirt and pant. Over the shirt, the first layer should be a thermal golf jacket to help keep your body warm. Sun Mountain’s ThermalFlex and Second Layer are popular thermal pullovers. A new option is a ThermalFlex vest.

golf wind breaker jacket

Blocking the wind can go a long way to keeping you comfortable. A good golf wind breaker should be lightweight and offer the freedom of movement needed to make a golf swing. Sun Mountain wind jacket options include the Headwind.

waterproof golf jacket

If it’s raining, sleeting or snowing, you can replace the wind breaking layer with a waterproof golf jacket. All waterproof jackets are also wind proof so you’ll be protected from wet and wind. For golf, you’ll want this golf rain jacket to have some stretch and flexibility so you have the freedom to make a full golf swing. Sun Mountain new top of the line golf rain gear is the Tour Series which is available as full-zip long sleeve jacket, half-zip long sleeve pullover and short sleeve pullover. To complete the golf rain suit, add the Tour Series waterproof golf pants to keep your legs warm and dry, too.

insulated gollf gloves

Cold hands may mean a warm heart to some but for golf, it’s a recipe for a long, uncomfortable day. Sun Mountain Cart Mitts offer the warmth of insulated golf gloves with the convenience of a Velcro strap so the mittens can stay on the steering wheel or cart handle and be warmly awaiting your return.

winter golf hat

To top it all off, listen to your Mom and put on a hat before you go outside. Sun Mountain offers winter golf hats as well as thermal ear bands.

So this winter, hang your excuses in the garage and get out and play!