Do the Walk of Life – SunMountainSports

The May issue of Golf Magazine includes a four-page fold-out section with “9 ways to put some fun in your game”. #3 on the list is, “Do the walk of life” and features Sun Mountain golf push carts with words culled from an interview with Sun Mountain Founder and CEO, Rick Reimers.

The article says,

“There are many important health benefits to walking, both mental and physical, and I really think it’s the best way to get the most fun out of a round. Plus, I believe that since you’re not sitting in a cart waiting and thinking about your next shot, you actually play better when you walk. The Combo Cart is a new product designed to help people enjoy the game more. It’s a combination (push) cart and bag, so you don’t have to take the pieces apart as you head to and from the course. The idea came to me while watching people expend a lot of effort in the parking lot trying to get their (push) cart and bag into the trunk of their car. I also designed the cart with a functional seat so you can take a mid-round break, and because I think a lot of people take a riding cart so that they’ll have a place to sit, I padded the seat and added a backrest. The Combo will hopefully encourage players to walk, and allow them to have more fun when they do.”

Prototypes of a new golf push cart were unveiled at the PGA Merchandise Show in January.