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Sun Mountain Headwind is a new golf windshirt that blocks wind, is so lightweight you barely know you are wearing it, and it even repels water.

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Recently, some members of the Golf Partners Club tested the Headwind golf windshirt and here are a few of their comments:

I golfed in windy, drizzly 40-degree days here in Wisconsin, and this shirt completely blocked the wind — and the drizzle beaded up and fell right off. I was dry and comfortable and I didn’t have to do anything other than give a good shake at the end of the round. Lightweight and roomy, it’s as if I didn’t have the shirt on. The fabric is quiet also — no swishy sounds of cheap raingear. — John Wirtz

I loved the adjustable cuffs, as I like to have my sleeves pulled up for less-constricted swings. I appreciated how lightweight and soft the fabric is. It didn’t feel like I was even wearing the product. — Jane Berg

Unlike other high-tech fabrics, the Headwind does not overly retain body heat. The wearer remains comfortable even when leaving the shirt on indoors. I did not wear it in a heavy rain but in a light sprinkle (for Seattle); the drops almost bounced right off. Overall, a superb product. — Terry Smail

This wind shirt is fantastic. It is truly light as a feather. I have not found a fit like this in the 35 years that I have been playing golf. — Patricia Warren

Thanks to a Teflon®-coating this microfiber pullover golf windshirt doesn’t just repel wind but also a spring shower, features a stretchable RainFlex® shoulder insert to allow a free swing, and even includes hand warmer pockets to keep your hands warm between swings.

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